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Whoa .. looks interesting :mg:
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can anyone suggest any blogs or sites related to finance where we can read good articles about day to day finance economics related events??
@abhimunk & harry - ny particular sites which u guys follow???
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Back in PG after 2 weeks
Missed the fun during last week of IPL...
Have 2 say the participation increased on the account of CSK entering the playoffs , with the typical fixing BS
Would have been really good had the more regular participants participated more actively, saw the quality ...
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Some1 please help me in my doubts
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Helllo all...
I have some doubts in Futures
Now what is this initial margin??? Does only buyer have to pay the initial margin in the initial margin account or the seller also have to deposit some amount ??? And Who gets the amount in that account in the end??
How this mark to market thin...
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Well during bschool interviews,these certis won't be much help, it may add to ur cv during your summers, but that is quite far off now..
U focus on CAT preparation now, if u strongly want finance only as ur specialization and want to show this to the interviewers, u may start with Finance and ...
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Go Dilli Go
yaa, all of u get out of the tournament
Coz this year, IPL ki trophy ari hai MUMBAI me
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Arre, lets stop it man, lets stop all this naive discussions about fixing...
Let us njoi the last 4 matches now..
First of all..
This might mostly be the last time we have ever seen players like Dada,Dravid,Gilly,Murali play cricket
What fantastic ambassadors to the game, words will ...
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Last movie i saw was Mission Impossible: Ghost protocol
And after seeing Anil Kapoor's role in it, u realise that whatever bad has happened to you, it can't get worse than that
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Piratebay and daily motion nabbed in India
All of Indias major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have blocked access to all leading torrent websites,like The Pirate Bay and Torrent Reactor,and even video and link sharing ones like Vimeo,Dailymotion,Pastebin and Xmarks.This is ...
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