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Just when CAT 2010 was being written off as a 'no-glitches' exam, reports have begun to trickle in about wrong questions and no right options. According to candidates who have given the exam this season, a few questions have been tough to crack but the real reason for their tough character is possibly because they never...
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Animeshagarwal I second CrookBond. I too took the test in the same slot..... 25 Nov '10.
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The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow completed its summer internship placements for the PGP class of 2012 with 417 offers from 151 companies. A slot-based process spread over 6 days was followed, with 123 offers being made in Slot Zero, said an IIM Lucknow press release. The 2010-12 PGP batch has a student stre...
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anirban8 Present MBA students please take this survey... Mod no.... 16 Feb '11.
hell2012 **** the placements at Lucknow..its the biggest tamasha s.... 27 Apr '11.
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CAT 2010 is easier than expected --- is the verdict among those who have taken the exam so far. At most, it has been moderately difficult, say those who have taken the test until now. Depending on individual study preparedness and section-weakness, one or the other section may have turned unmanageable, but not to the point ...
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blackroze time management is everything........ can anybody tell ti.... 09 Nov '10.
tituxjec i had ma exam on 8th nov. I felt the english was moderate.... 09 Nov '10.
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See Part One of this comic. *RAT = Random Admission Test **estranged_gnrs = Da Workaholic Moderator on PaGaLGuY, also an Administrator on the forum. Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaikar who blogs here and tweets here.
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rohit32407 climax was completly unexpected in such a funny way :))...... 05 Nov '10.
Daemon_hunter I was RTOFL over the small type "estranged_gnrs".Nice one.... 06 Nov '10.
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First-day first-show at the CAT is over, and no untoward incidents have been reported until now. Two of us from the PaGaLGuY HQ attended the 10 am slot test at two different centres in Mumbai and Pune. We have written down our experiences in the form of a timeline so that you can live' through our experience. If you have ha...
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ratandcat nice website... nice experience. 02 Nov '10.
vinaysingh.0011 Hi Thx for such a valuable post. @apurva, Jadoo - Wat Vo.... 02 Nov '10.
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Plz refer to the above posts.
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@Roshan Jha
He is not lying : Observe this at the end of his post :
"Last edited by manish_harodia; 27-10-2010 at 02:09 PM. "
Double check before you suspect someone.
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PaGaLGuY will be following regular updates on CAT 2010 for the entire CAT period starting October 27 to November 24, 2010. Those taking CAT, please call in and share your experiences, what you liked about the CAT, what disappointed you, etc with us. We'd love to hear from you. You can call us anytime between 12 pm and 7 pm...
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Satwinder @Srikant: Relax. I know it may be disappointing, but poss.... 27 Oct '10.
krishnad good one. 28 Oct '10.
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After the faulty first implementation of the computer-based CAT thwarted the dreams of several IIM aspirants in the country in 2009, there are high expectations from Prometric and the IIMs for an unblemished CAT 2010 from everybody involved in the management education sector. Here's a look at stakeholders who are praying fo...
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Animeshagarwal ATB Puyz!. 27 Oct '10.
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Gone are the days when coaching centres threw a party just a day or two before the D-day to de-stress CAT takers. Or, when they handed over free tickets of a latest Bollywood flick or had a movie screening inside the coaching centre to lessen the anxiety associated with CAT. With the CAT testing window, increasing to 10...
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Animeshagarwal Nice article... 27 Oct '10.