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Just saw the profile name, and would like to dedicate :
Exception this time, SOUP Girls also Included :
Why This Kolaveri Di Full Song Promo Video in HD - YouTube
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Here is wishing every aspirant all the luck that they require.........SIMS is the destination for all of us and hope this discussion thread is just the starting of a 2 year journey......Whether i make it or not, I wish each and every one of you the very best for tommorow.
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Hi SIMS aspirants and SIMIANS,
SNAP Score - 60.75 (Hanging by a thread)
10th - 90.6%
12th - 75.0%
Have been employed with Wipro since June 2010.
With the hope of getting a GD/PI call, had few queries :
1.) GD happens in a group of..........?
2.) In PI, is the emphasis more on...
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Please let me know some books that are useful for preparing Quants and Logical/Analytical reasoning for SNAP level.