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Can anyone tell me wht kind of job are they offering exactly? Grade a doesn't indicate anything.
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ani.davv Good Question!!! Anyone please reply... . 19 Aug '13.
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Does anyone has sample papers for the exam???? Further, can anyone tell me which resources to use to prepare for the GENERAL AWARENESS section....I am quite confident that if I manage to clear the cut-off of GENERAL AWARENESS section, I will be able to get an Interview Call.......PLEASE HELP ME.....
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Can you give me some sample questions asked in the Aptitude and Interview Rounds. I am very serious about getting a job in Capstone Securities. Being a trader is my dream. Thanks in Advance.
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Can anyone tell me about the type of questions asked in the Aptitude Test???
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If Goodwill is in negative then it will be shown as a profit in income statements, thereby increasing the Net Profit. The Effect on balance sheet will be that there will be an increase in Retained Earnings by NET PROFIT(Excluding negative goodwill) + Negative Goodwill.
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@Nirmal_Analyst Kindly give the solution to this problem............I'm really confused
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Answer is B
No need to mention the working for Straight Line Method.
Working of Double Declining Method is as follows:
First step is to calculate the Depreciation Percent using straight line method without considering the salvage value. It comes out to be 20%
Next step is to double t...
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@Ridhz If you do not want portfolio management kind of a role then CFA wont be of much use. Moreover, taxation and accounting(only superficially is covered) are not covered in CFA. Moreover, for doing CA 3 years of articleship is compulsor, for which you will have to leave your job. Both CFA and ...
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@Nirmal_Analyst Incremental Profit B)80 crs.............Goodwill C) 0 crs