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Hi guys, I am planning make a study grp and may we can have weekly meets to iscuss whtever shit queries we have abt CAT or strategies 2 tackle CAT or anythng tht we want 2 discuss. Planning 2 make a whatsapp grp. Interested people can pm m thr no's. And for people who r nt on whatsapp, i m plann...
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Confirming the PG meet on 20th April (Sunday).Venue : CCD,Near Jyoti Nivas College, KoramangalaTime : 6 pm on-wards.
Agenda :
Any soul on earth who has any interest in MBA in India and Abroad can come and benefit from the discussion and clarify the doubts or help clarify others' doubts.
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angelfromthesky It wasnyc meeting ju kinjal :-) . 2d.
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Anyone as a CAT repeater in this group?? I am one of them. I think if we join hands here not only will the group be benefitted, but our frequency match will help. Puys. Lets rock it this time. ATB to all for the starting phases of prep.
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angelfromthesky Please add me as well... Or u can shre the link here. We .... 5d.
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Any meets in Bengaluru in March?
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angelfromthesky Any confirmations on meet. 7d.
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10th - 7712th - 65Grad - 73.56CAT - 89.65 wwith 93 n 79 as sectionals14 months of wrkex in Accenture till March 14GEN- MALEwhat are my chances of my call and CONVERT ?
thejokermaniac We will be able to give a feedback once the eligibility c.... 11 Apr.
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Highest package offered till date?
ajaychandar We'll be able to pass judgement on that only after GLIM h.... 01 Apr.
kamjori GL. 01 Apr.
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Guys...just tell me one thing...
T.I.M.E vs CL in New Delhi CP branch...
Which one is best?
angelfromthesky dude go for CL CP its really gud. 29 Mar.
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Hi puys,
Please do let me know if Byju's classes are good for CAT preparation?
Much help needed.
angelfromthesky its abig tym no, its nt at all good. 29 Mar.
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Hello!I am CAT 2013 student & done with entrance exams preparations. Have got SIBM P convert as well I am interested in giving my study material. I have the following stuff:1. REC books2. Time Books3. Arun Sharma Books
Interested folks can PM me.
angelfromthesky @bankapurk hi man I m interested, just lemme know how c.... 29 Mar.
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Which is better among these?HRM at XISS, RanchiorGen. PGDM at WE School, Bangalore
angelfromthesky Man it depends upon u n which speacialisation u wanna opt.... 29 Mar.