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MR.x father has taken loan from MR.y (private) with out collateral for 15% interest. MR.x hasnt had any assets bought with his owned salary, but there is been a house and jewelery going on from generations. family rule is that they can only enjoy the assets but couldnt sell them. now Mr.x is dead...
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krish_chaitu @braincrash :angry: u cant face Bhagini kid..drink boo.... 6h.
braincrash @krish_chaitu congressi hai kya? Aaj ka agenda weak hai .... 6h.
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An RTI application regarding IIM Ahmedabad admissions has taken the B-school circle by storm. The RTI query has disclosed that for the last academic year (2013-2015) the institute has 'possibly' admitted ST students with a percentile as low as 38.34%. PaGaLGuY asked IIM-A to confirm and the reasons for the same but we got n...
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vaibsss @DEVILISHANGEL oldie here and i totally relate to your v.... 3h.
HARII @DEVILISHANGEL "In 20 years time, it can't and wont b.... 2h.
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How are the placements going on for 2014 batch? What is the average?
ananyboss 6. 10h.
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formula for successive percentage change and formula for successive discount is same ?
ananyboss Yes. Remember Discount is a negative percentage change. .... 11 Apr.
ananyboss You have to bother about the value, if its increment cons.... 11 Apr.
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Damn it! the girls hostel at kengeri is full already :/ clueless abt wher to stay. ppl suggested this pg called jyothinilayam near coll but its damn strict and curfew is 7pm . anyone has any idea abt some pgs near kengeri campus ? do let me know ppl
ananyboss Hundreds of PG available nearby. Specially for girls PGs .... 11 Apr.
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i have taken dis image from d broshure of christ main campus girls hostel details fee structure nd all....have a look ... nd u too @AARSRI
ananyboss which image?. 27 Mar.
ananyboss ooh got it. 27 Mar.
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4th April. Never Wanted Time To Pass So Badly.
nuttyshark123 really... keep checking ur mail twice everyday.. :P . 28 Mar.
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Since Welingkar is avoiding calls and e-mails. Is there any method to re take or re schedule the psychometric test ? I have asked to a thousand students but nobody knows. Even the welingkar profile doesnt know the answer.
raghavsamdani @ananyboss Yes, there is one way. If you are unable to r.... 22 Mar.
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Sunny leone is baby doll, Sonakshi is baby gol, n Rahul Gandhi is buddha baklol
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Bhodan desh hamara mahaan 100 mein se 99 beimaan @krish_chaitu . 14 Mar.
Rohit143 @krish_chaitu :sneaky: :neutral: . 14 Mar.
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93.8 %ile in CMAT Will I Qualify ?
deepak_behera Yeah.. You should mostly get GD/PI call.. :) . 14 Mar.