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In their latest statement released today, the India Institutes of Management claim to have unearthed patterns of problems faced by candidates during the ten-day period of CAT 2009 between November 28 and Dec 8. Asserting that a retest was not needed since only 4% of the test-takers had been affected by the unfair testing cond...
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chaitu_pun @niketan777 Please restrain from making inhuman comment.... 19 Dec '09.
anonymous IIM-K DIRECTOR INTERVIEW http://www.business-standard..... 21 Dec '09.
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The IIMs and the HRD ministry have decided to not go down the retest route. CAT 2009 has been the most mismanaged mess of an exam in recent history and yet the IIMs have decided that it would be better to harm a few thousand students than to do the right thing. Right from day one, the complaints have been both loud and di...
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northstar 22nd Jan is not that far .... 31 Dec '09.
anonymous [...] crashing, coordinators behaving like knowledge less.... 01 Apr '10.
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Can someone please let me know if 4 years of BPO/KPO experience will be taken into consideration for admission to great lakes. I have a pretty average academic record as well, will a good cat score coupled with good gd/pi help me ? How important is the recommendation letter ?
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Thanx a lot rudraksh123 for your reply......
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this thread is highly motivating for people like me with low grades in acads.........thanx guys for your motivation.:clap:
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fantastic info here..............thanx to all who have contributed to this post here...........its of great help.............keep it up. thanx again.:cheers:
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Hi all,
I am a newbie here......i am preparing for cat-2009,snap 2010, xat 2010. I will be interested to know few details.
I am an ece (B.Tech) and working in the bpo sector for the last 4 years.
What are my chances of getting selected in scit(itbm) if i...