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They tell you that 'you can't win em all', we at IMI say 'The Winner Takes it All'. International Management Institute (IMI), India's first corporate sponsored Business School, has for long been one of the best institutes with respect to intellectual capital and corporate interaction. Here emphasis is laid on academics, ...
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amit.madan18 Great. 10 Jan '13.
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The last date for applying to PGDM and PGDMHR at IMI Delhi campus is 9th October 2012.
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I would say you not to go for Mba this year as you have job offer in hand.. Go for job n prepare well for CAT..
I was also in a fix the first time I took cat.. So I went ahead for job n then took cat again.. In my third attempt, I got into a decent institute.!
So personally, I wo...
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Was wait listed 47..
Converted but not joining..
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Another query. Do we need to bring any documents while depositing the fee?
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Hi Seniors, Can we make 2 different drafts? One of 1,50,000 and rest 42,000? Will it be okay? And will the admissions office be open tomorrow?
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very happy..
time to resign now..
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I got through.. Yippieee..
First convert..
1 1
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Hi Avinash, I am planning to stay in aldia in goa as I have accommodation available there..
Please let me know how much time will it take from there to GIM?
My gd pi is on 7th at 8.30 am..
Also how to go to Aldia from airport?
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Waitlisted 47..!!
Any chances for PGDM general. I filled up only PGDM general.