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Introducing new courses, updating the existing ones and employing new 'out-of-classroom' methods in learning are some of the maneuvers that Indian b-schools are adopting to stay relevant and competitive. As a result, students now have a cornucopia of elective courses and learning methodologies to choose from across the spe...
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ameoba88 @Devilishangel: With regards to 'immersion programs' and .... 30 Apr '11.
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I beg to differ with some of the other views posted here. Unless you are keen on HR, I'd say go for IIM L. Both colleges are probably on a par, but the IIM brand is the IIM brand after all. I or K, I'd put XL over them...but between L and XL...go for L I'd say.
If you are even remotely ...
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Hey...firstly congratulations and don't worry
This happened last year as well with some people from WB Univ and some from BITS Pilani as well. One of them should answer your query in a few days...
Obviously if your exams are still ongoing, you can't be there, so relax. Call up the office n...
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*RAT = Random Admission Test. Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaikar who blogs here and tweets here.
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riyaziq Chuck,you disappoint me. Not up to your usual mark.. 02 Nov '10.
Oksizen Awesome testimonial.......... 27 Nov '10.
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kinda offtopic
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Not a laptop query per se but still...
I brought a DELL inspiron 15 last week with a 60 days MS office trial version. problem is you need to activate it...and i can't figure out how to do this. can't find the 25 digit key they ask for anywhere either..
dell owners can you tell me how to go ...
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Finally a thread with smarks all around! really nice to see posts by sidd16...tu ekdum mere jaisa hai!:drinking:
Would love to be able to carry on intelligent discussions on pro-wrestling. though i'm not the obssesive follower i was 3 years ago...still am a big fan and keep in myself ...
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I suggest you go for the 2 year complete warranty at the very least. Its a pretty expensive model you're going for, so half life is better...you probably want to use it for 2 to 3 years at the very least. and from what i've seen....2 year warranty is not as expensive as the 3 yr one(relatively of...
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If I buy a dell inspiron without a graphics processor(only the onboard 64mb one i.e.) is it possible to get it added on later? if so how much will it cost?
and apart from gaming, where else are you likely to suffer without a dedicated graphics card?
really confused between these two:
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thanks, and no not an OMS.
GUess it will require a 30+ score in the GDPI? Coz i have 4/4 in acads but lose the 2 for workex..