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Well, that's because the action had shifted somewhere else.....the term-ending exams...And now, we're gearing for the mother of all exams...........COMPREHENSIVE VIVA
Professionally, I think it's a wonderful way of wrapping up the entire first year curriculum by ensuring that students go thro...
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Joyous revelry, a moment to rejoice,
240 students, but one common voice.
Youthful camaraderie, a glorious sight,
This, in a nutshell, was the Mid Summers Nite!:new_ukliam2:
If you're wondering just what it is that has trigerred the poetic instinct in me, u need just go back to the cel...
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@Hum sab ke pyaare Snape bhai,
Righteous thou art, when thou speakest about Nitiksh as the bouncer in our room......but then, there is another side to him, the ardent debater that he is!
Thanks to this analytical dude, our room is full of lively debates all the time.....And why just Nitx, i...
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Well, friends, here's the list of shortlisted candidates.
Had to split the list to comply with the puy site restrictions.
All the Best.:grin:
doc file doc file
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