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My apologies team. Had a unscheduled visit to a doctor in the evening. Could not make it.
Hope the meeting went on well. Any one post a small brief as how the meeting went.
Is there a prep kind of thing that was discussed?
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I am targeting GMAT.
Have started prep some time back.
Will be glad to join this group when ever you meet and be of any help in prep.
This is Raghu.
I am @ Madhapur, Hyderabad.
Wishing us all a fruitful prep
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Hi Chanveer!This was a great post and pretty useful one. I am working as a Technical writer / Information Developer for TCS and have close to 4 yr work exp with Accenture and Lionbridge in the past. I am looking to take this course. Can you guide me as how to go about preparing for this Exec 1 yr...
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Hi Deepak,
Since i am a: can you please tell me how you guys have planned out the preparation mode for CAT 07. If you have any preparation shcedule already in place, can you share it with me, so that i can try to catch up with you guys.
Thanks a lot cheers!
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Hi Deepak,
First of all, initiating this thread, considering the fact that you still are in your IInd year definitely deserves appreciation. so cheers buddy! Count me in for your preparation for CAT 07. I am a chemical engineer by graduation and a Technical writer who writes software documen...
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Hi Jackal,
I absolutely agree with you buddie. A software job is just the means not the end in itself. I am right now working in UK for a telecom client of ours and i am just amazed at their levels of stupidity. The whole project seems to be an eyewash. The scope keeps changing by the hour and...
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Hi Umesh
gr8 meeting you and kudos for making it to IIMK
I am a chemical engineer myself, lost in the world of IT
Please share your prep strategy.....planning to prep from Scratch for CAT]
thnks and Reg
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Excellent work
can't thank u enough
priceless contribution Gaurav..keep guiding us this way
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Hi Group,
Gr8 to be part of this Elite group
I Thank Pagalguy for the invaluable support till date
I am Raghu
A Chemical Engineer by Qualification
A Technical Writer in TCS by Chance
A Porospective CAT aspirant by Choice
Age 25
B'dY 4-4-1980
Wrote CAT on 2002 - Disaster...