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Congos to all the call getters,
Few inputs on the weightage of written and GD/PIs for final convert
As per the XLRI disclosure for 2009
Describe each criteria with its respective weightages i.e. Admission Test,
GD, Interview etc
Written Te...
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Its been almost 2 - 3 years i have posted on PG. Let me begin by sharing useful info for everyone who appeared for XAT 2010
Last 2 years Cut Offs (Over all) for GD & interview
2008 : BM - 98.5 percentile PM & IR - 97.5 percentile
2009 : BM - 98.03 percentile PM & IR - 95 percenti...
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Hi Seniors,
Can you provide a checklist for the file for PMIR:
Kindly give your suggestion on the below mentioned list (in no particular order)
Call Letter
XAT Marksheet
Work Ex letter
Latest payslip
Graduation marksheet + Passing Certificate
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when did anyone needed company in the toilet??!!
Heard Eco ki dardanak ECHO dur dur tak sunai di:satisfie:
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I checked Q-87,
It says FE= KD = GF = 10m
In solution:
KD= y ??
FE = y ??
How did i solved -
According to question:
GF = 10,
=> AF = 10 (sqr rt)3
GF = HE = EC = 10 (45 - 45- 90, and HGFE coming out as rectangle)
AC = AF + FE + EC = 10 (sqr rt)3+ 10...
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answer is (3)
Check again!
Sharma's elec expnd < Dubey's elec expend
Dubey % in electricity is 45%
Sharma % in electricity is 35%
Mishra % in electricity is 35%
Since the base (expenditure) of Dubey is the greater (option - I) therefore, amount spent on electricity by Dubey w...
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GUd work Puys!
Keep'em coming!
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wat in HELL s name is happenin here..daant padegi Mods se..
@Dhruv...do u want me to abuse u in the public, not gud not gud.
and hz the doper..
and hey I heard kanishk is havin a torrid time with CA stuff..
thank God i escaped all this..
..gv me a call or msg whn u get free...bugg...
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Damn i missed....:(
Poor Python..missed the chance to be in Limelight:D
anyway..fix up as meet before u fly off..
ps: who all finally went..and where are the snaps
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Mayb results frm allahbad are not being uploaded as yet..
I checked there was no where mentioned that thr will b no ANALYSIS..
and hw can they upload the analysis if they haven't scanned and tabulated the whole result.
AS FOR Q-37 and 55
there was some errata in Q-55 which was mentio...