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akshaysahai0102 replied to NMIMS 2014 Batch Converts
Hi Seniors,
i will complete my 2 years of work-ex on 7 jun this year. The session begins on 11 jun 2012. I just wanted to know that does it make a huge difference if your work-ex is 24 months than if it is 23 months. Coz if it does not make a big difference then i will ask for an early release...
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Hi Seniors,
do we need to prepare any CV for the interview??
akshaysahai0102 replied to [Official] CAT 2011- 9th Nov - Thirteenth Day D...
CAT Centre, Date and Slot: IBMR Pune 10:00 AM
1) How many attempts you have made?
QA/DI 23/24
VA/LR 27
OA 50/51
2) Your last mock score?
my AIMCAT score usually ranges between 85 to 95%tile.
3) How was your experience of the test?
The overall test experience was really smo...
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akshaysahai0102 replied to Whos is your favourite male playback singer????
my fav singer is kishore kumar undoubtedly!
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can u tell me what kind of questions might be asked to me if my hobby is singing hindi songs??
akshaysahai0102 replied to The Official GK Thread for B School Entrance Ex...
the answer to ques no 5
5.Yum Group consist of three food chain.Name them?
ans KFC, pizzahut and taco bell
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just wanted to know that does the panel ask about the technical questions frm yr ug.
for eg i am doin engg n if im selected as a fresher will the panel ask questions related to my engg syllabus???
akshaysahai0102 replied to Introduce yourself
hi all.
im akshay currently into 3rd year doin comp sc engg from nit jamshedpur.
a CAT aspirant like many of u.
can anyone suggest me which coaching institute is better cl or TIME??