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hey sunshine,
count me in ..i'll also be writing GMAT next yr
but i am 21 right nw and have few othr options to try ,but a US MBA is definitely my first priority , i have a time frame of 4-5 yrs bfore i apply for an MBA ... but i am writing GMAT for sure..next yr!
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hi everyone,
i want to join a coaching insti for june '10 exam , in delhi , i would really appreciate sm inputs frm ppl abt the coaching classes FINguru/pristine classes..etc..
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Is CAT fair now?
-No way!
Will the CAT ever be fair if we continue to adhere to the onl9 format?
-NO way!
consider the shortcomings::
1) It is absurd to believe tht prometric ppl would be able to conduct an exam for 2.5 lac students in a span of 10 DAYS, unless IIM's themselves hav...
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Originally Posted by Sish-in Although dozens of New Yorks small museums are either devoted to local history or various ethnic groups, there are many one-of-a-kind museums from Manhattan to the Bronx that are open for exploration on summer weekends.
A. Although dozens of New Yorks small museum...
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Hello u can only tell me that should I prepare CAT or Not..I am giving u some points of mine..plz tell me on the basis of these..
Year 2000- High School - 56% - U.P. Bord.
Year 2002- Inter - 73% - U.P.Bord.
Year 2005- B.Com. - 64%.
Year 2005- IATA (International Air Transport Associat...
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hi guys,
sm guy already asked abt this ..but was just one response regarding this..
anyways i am asking the question again ::
1) percentage-GPAs conversion?..[ i am a final yr grad my % is 68.3 should get ard 70-71 ard considering percentage usually jumps quite a bit in the final yr]pl...
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thanks ..for ur reply..!
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hi guys ,
just a small query
why r people so keen on studying schweser notes?
isn't it better tht u study the curriculam thouroughly tht is sent by the CFA ppl..tht in itself would take a hugh amount of time ..to study if u on top of tht add schweser notes n additional stuff you would h...
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hi guys ,
just a quick intro i am a final yr engg grad frm gwalior , i have registered for CFA level 1 june'10 exam and will be preparing for the exam in DELHI ..
i should have asked this question bfore registering ,but anyways m doing it nw..
is thr a point in clearing all 3 levels of...