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Deepak Gopalakrishnan is a cartoonist from Mumbai. Catch all his cartoons and work here, and follow his tweets here.
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nuttyspice This is hilarious!!! :D . 12 Mar '13.
evoyage @chuck_gopal Very well written mate.. :_. 06 Nov '13.
akhil24sood replied to GD/PI Shortlist,VGSOM,IIT Kharagpur [2012-2014]
Hey Guys,
Here is the link of an awesome video which will take you through your dream college.................!!!
So come and experience the true spirit of VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur ! :cheers:
VGSoM, IIT Kharagpur by numbers - YouTube
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akhil24sood replied to GD/PI Shortlist,VGSOM,IIT Kharagpur [2012-2014]
Hey Puys (Future VGSoMites),
I am sharing my GD/PI experience with you..
Xth - 91.2%
XIIth - 90.5%
B.Tech - 78% (UPTU)
Work Ex - 25 Months (Infosys Ltd.)
I had my interview at SJMSOM (IIT-Bombay) on 21st Mar,2011 (Last Year), evening slot.
GD was a kind of case s...
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akhil24sood replied to VGSOM,IIT Kharagpur [2012-2014] Admission Helpdesk
Hey Puys,
I do understand the anxiety u all must be having. I faced it last year myself. When the first list comes out and when the wait list moves, this will continue for some time till the college announces the last list and the last candidate is taken. Having an anxiety for the results is o...
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akhil24sood replied to Life @ VGSoM, IIT- Kgp !!
VGSoM wins the first Prize in Nutcracker Operations competition in Parivartan'12 at DMS, IIT Delhi. Congratulations to Amanpreet (amancoolguy777) & Akhil Sood (akhil24sood) Batch 2011-13, for the laurels!!!
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akhil24sood replied to NMAT results Out! from 31st oct to 13 Nov 2011
Hello guys/gals,
I gave NMAT last year. Just to give you an idea. Last year the overall cut off was around 210-212. But they had a sectional cutoff too.
Initially you might not see high scores coming up but at later stage as more and more people give the exams and retakes the upper limit in...
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akhil24sood replied to [2011-13] DoMS IIT Roorkee MBA Final Results Out
The one I submitted.
Don't worry you will get your draft soon too.
akhil24sood replied to [2011-13] DoMS IIT Roorkee MBA Final Results Out
Received back my draft today...
Thanks IIT-R for being so helpful throughout the process.....
My work in this thread is over i guess...
Thanks & regards,
VGSOM 2011-13
akhil24sood replied to [2011-13] DoMS IIT Roorkee MBA Final Results Out
Hi Any Senior in this thread ????
Please provide some info on money refund ???
No one is picking up the phone in the office of DOMS....
Please help...
akhil24sood replied to AIMCAT 1218 Scores, Discussions (Pls do not ope...
Hi Rohit,
I am joining IIT-Kgp this year.
And ATB buddy for your exams....:cheerio:
Akhil Sood