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Hi everybody,
It might come across as a little belated and uninformed but could any of you give me a workable link (or best the pdf files themselves if you already have them) where I can download previous year's CET papers. I've searched high and low for them but I can't find anything that can...
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Have a bunch of questions for MMS seniors, if PG guys know the answers then a reply from them also will be appreciated....
Has SIES tied up with any bank for education loan? When should the bank be approached and how much time does it take for the processing?
If a laptop is something that e...
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Hi Mr. Menon,
Moderator : Question is removed as it is of the Profile Evaluation type.
Thanks in advance.
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My snap id is 803865, can someone please check my status and tell me.
it would be really helpful :whatthat: