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aditya862008 replied to DOMS IIT Roorkee GD PI Experiences 2009-11
10th - 80
12th - 85
b.e. - 74
air _ 1839
had my gdpi on d 20th. students were conductiong d entire process. even though they strted the process at 930 instead of 830, twas pretty cool coz after dat twas pretty smooth. showed us a movie, a prof came on board to answer any queries, an...
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aditya862008 replied to SNAP 2008 Revaluation marks
scmhrd's revised list is out. login from scmhrd.edu using sid key 2 find out if u qlfd. if u did, n ur frm delhi, send me a pm. iv taken 23 rd feb slot.
aditya862008 replied to SNAP 2008 Revaluation marks
marks inc from 78.75 to 83.75. but all this puts a huge blot on d credibility of siu. they can't manage an xam properly, is it prudent to entrust them with our future?
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i'll probably leave on 19th, by train (takes 3 hrs 2 roorkee). hv contacted d darklord666 s well. send us pms if we fit ur sched.
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congrats 2 every1 getin a call
my profl
jmet - 1839 (gen)
10th- 80
be- 74
2008 passout, no work ex
got a call on 20th feb 830 am
gng from delhi, anyone else wid d same date gng frm delhi?
and to anyone who might know, wat sort of a chance do i stand? hv decent e...
aditya862008 replied to [2009]DoMS@IIT Roorkee, Admission Queries
i got a call on d 20th 830 am. anyone frm delhi gng too?
aditya862008 replied to SIOM Nashik 2009-2011 Admissions to MBA (Operat...
i passed out (b.e) in jun 2008. i hv not been working in any concern. will i be required to furnish a gap certificate? also, i have not received any character or transfer certificate from my univ, will the pass certificate suffice in this regard? please help
aditya862008 replied to XAT 2009 - Results Out!!!
xat - 75.6 pctile :(
suggested institutes?
aditya862008 replied to JMET 2009 Official Results Out!
iit roorkee website has a link for mba 09 admissions, but it links to a completely unrelated page. anyone has any alternate ways?
aditya862008 replied to SNAP 2008-09 Results Out!!!
ims botched up answer keys dint dey?
xpected around 86
my score eng- 25.75
lr- 26
ive appld to simb pune n scmhrd, shud i hit siom s well