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Today we had an interaction session with HR seniors,after a bit of intro and all,we were divided into groups and then all fun started.Seniors ensured that we enjoy a lot.Initially we were not very happy with the idea of interaction and some of us were a bit reluctant after such hectic schedule b...
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To make things more clear,many candidates in hr have not been offered seats because they wanted to maintain some minimum standard for both the courses and this year each of the three processes essay,gd and pi had some minimum cut offs.The seats of hr could have been very easily filled but this is...
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Hello all..
I am sorry for writing so late..well it has been wonderful experience so far and i am already convinced IMI is one of the finest institutes in the country,i failed to understand why was i confused before joining the hr course,it's true that it's new but i am sure it's going to be o...
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Happy B'day!!
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Pursuit of happyness
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Sorry for spamming but why we don't have edit option in life@bschoool thread..due to some error Durgapur is visible as urgapur in my last post and we don't have edit option:-(:-(:-(:-(
@Avinav Sir
Can't we request moderators or any other concerned person about the same,i committed similar m...
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Cat %ile :93.72
Program (PGDM/HR) :HR
Education Background :B-TECH(ECE)
work ex (if any) :NIL
I am very excited about life@IMI
Presently,giving final sem exams,it ends on june 15th..wish m...
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Lots of things coming in mind but not the best place to write..:):)
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You can ask your question here:
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I have been reading simple books nowadays because they take so less time and give so much knowledge,just completed wings of fire by A P J Abdul Kalam.It's a wonderful book and the poem dedicated to mother in the initial pages is one of the finest poems i have come across in recent times.Though i ...
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