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Not that I have spent a lot of years on the planet, but the best people I have ever worked with were broadly of two types --- they were either driven by a higher sense of purpose that they had attached to their professions early in their careers or they were just very hard working and disciplined, a quality developed and ...
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addots a good one! but only one argument that may weaken the tan.... 29 Jan '13.
Keys this is something i came across. pretty valid i think. In.... 30 Jan '13.
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Hi Its Abinash Das. I have been a regular visitor in PG for quite a while but never wrote in any posts. My details in the given format is thus:
Education and Work Ex Background: 10th:91, 12th-83, B.Tech-8.34 GPA
Current Occupation: A regular IT guy in TCS-nothing special here
Why on PG?:...
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Q1.What is Critical Reasoning? Critical Reasoning is an analytical way of thinking about issues for analysing and evaluating information gathered from observation and experience in order to come to certain conclusions. Critical Reasoning clarifies goals, examines assumptions, discerns hidden values, evaluates evidence an...
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abinash010 useful for noobs like me :-). It is like an introduction .... 08 Sep '11.
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IIM Indore's Narendra Agarwal, his wife Poonam and their son Arnav In the days gone by, synonyms for 'marriage' could easily be settled, family, sacrifice, children, stop living your own life. Today, the synonyms read more like 'fun, study, partner, parties, friends, freedom. Thanks to a large number of b-school stu...
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ahivarn @preety_bansal please remove names used without permission... 04 Feb '13.
sudhirmmm @laj ^^^. 11 May '13.
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PS: The intention of the comic is not at all to mock womenkind or non-engineers. In fact the intention is not to mock anything at all. Frankly, there is no intention either, of anything. The comic came out of nothing and is supposed to be completely apolitical. Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishna...
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ROCK441 Bad joke in a more bad taste. sigh , Chuck needs some #uck.. 08 Sep '11.
mathnik this is awesome... i am a non-engg student.... but i stil.... 07 Mar '12.