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@aaddi Please Don't mind but I don't think that this is the right place to compare various jobs, I have started this forum to tell more about United India Insurance, job profile of Administrative officer and Public Sector General Insurance , I would try to share my knowledge about this job and co...
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Abhiup87 It wont create any problem dear. No need to worry. 13 Jun '13.
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What was previous yr cut off? is der sectional cut off also?
Abhiup87 I m nt sure abt weightage bt it shud b 70 or 75 % for wri.... 05 May '13.
Abhiup87 cant say bt in any case the weightage for interview wont .... 09 May '13.
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Is it required to do certification courses (e.g. from IRDA and other insurance certifications) for those who are finally selected ? I was selected in SBI General Insurance and they required me do insurance certification courses upto the level of associateship ..Thanks
Abhiup87 But for promotion exercise, you have to clear licentiate,.... 04 May '13.
Abhiup87 you can get promotion on seniority basis bt for fast trac.... 05 May '13.
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any guesses abt how many ppl applied ?
Abhiup87 i guess it wud b close to 1 lac. Not sure. It was a pure .... 04 May '13.
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anyone having any Idea of total number of applicants.......
plz reply....
Abhiup87 ibps is conducting the exam dis tym. Refer to the papers .... 04 May '13.
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Hi, couldnt take a printout of the final application after I paid the fees in sbi...i guess there was still time to do that...now there's no link except the advertisement....how do i get it now....thier server management has some serious issues man...
Abhiup87 ibpsreg.sifyitest.com/uiicl_mar13/#... The website is wo.... 04 May '13.
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share some old papers ......i m not able to guess d difficulty level of the exam
will it be tougher dan ssc cgl ?
it is almost same pattern of ssc ..... 200 questions 2 hours which needs high speed to attemp all sections ...
throw some light on time management in exam n difficulty lev...
Abhiup87 Ibps is conducting the exam. You can get the idea of diff.... 04 May '13.
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Okay..It's 7 Pm now SJMSOM..... :results?
ShahSaumil Waitlisted. WL no 111...any idea how much the wait list m.... 02 May '13.
VanathiMC Hi @akku909 SJMSOM does not give any buffer calls and you.... 02 May '13.
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Name -AnkitCourse Converted - PGP-IM(was first choice)Rank - CAT score -99.60Section 1 Score -99.88Section 2 Score -91.83MarksXth-89XII th - 90
Graduation - 8.11 Work Ex details -34 months
Other relevant information -Waiting for FMS,IIM-L,IIT-B
Abhiup87 I skipped my interview as i had given PGP-IM as 1st pref .... 27 Apr '13.
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i am trying for the past 4-5 hours to register but everytime its showing "connection failed".:-(is there any possibility of extension of the form filling dates??
Abhiup87 There is very less chance of extending the dates.. 19 Apr '13.