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Prof Prafulla Agnihotri The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Trichy is about to complete its first year of existence. PaGaLGuY catches up with its director Prof Prafulla Agnihotri to know how the year went. The most important takeaway from the short interview was that the job market slowdown may lead IIM Trichy to ...
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premkatiyar Last question's answer...completely fake....even if it wa.... 08 Feb '12.
shishirdbhat @premkatiyar, I'm sure your baseless, trolling comments a.... 10 Feb '12.
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Address should most probably be this...
Contact Us
But, to be sure, do call the admissions office once before sending.
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Visual by Deanmeyersnet It is no secret that if entrance scores permit, many MBA hopefuls would seek admission only to those b-schools that offer the most lucrative placements. That an MBA degree in India, comes packaged with a job is understood. But not so in b-schools abroad, where students have to hunt for their jobs ...
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pagalguy @robin - yes. its a long drawn process even at the top sc.... 26 May '11.
grondmaster "Snapshots from Hell", by Peter Robinson: This is one boo.... 26 May '11.
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Ignicion was the forum for students with GD-Pi calls so that the seniors can help them in the interview stage.
Now, for people who have cleared the final hurdle and have become part of the helL family....Acropolis is the place to be....to get all your nitty gritty queries answered and a...
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The exchange program in IIM L is on par with the programs at ABC. We have around 15-20 colleges where students can go on exchange programs. The colleges are mostly in Europe, with a few in Canada. No US B-School as of now,but we might be having a few from next year. People interested in exchange ...
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For all your queries related to placements....refer the following article:
IIM Lucknow Placements 2011: 528 job offers to 366 students
Prospective Students
Any other information apart from the above sources cannot be provided on this forum.
Also, regarding specific queries like front ...
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Delhi University's Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) completed placements for its MBA batch of 2009-11. The process secured 242 offers for a total batch of 200 students (including both MBA and MBA - Management of Services batches) from a total of 91 companies. A total of 124 companies confirmed presence, of which 97 actuall...
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UnrewardedG Why don't they declare the lowest domestic salary like 7 .... 24 May '12.
talktoash30 What is the salary offered by deutsche bank. 16 May '13.
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Almost 100 companies visited Indian Institute of Management, Indore (IIMI) for final placements for the PGP 2009-11 batch. While the average salary was Rs 14.06 lakhs, at least eight from the batch received salaries of Rs 32 lakhs each. Profiles were offered in investment banking, consulting, BFSI and FMCG while newer se...
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reality_bytes the paradox is that people with work ex are the ones who .... 05 Apr '11.
reality_bytes i forgot something else...it so transpires that the highe.... 05 Apr '11.
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It's interesting to observe how sections of the latest ranking results resemble those in the PaGaLGuY Rankings of 2008. The economic recession came and went, and in many ways the last year's (2010) PaGaLGuY Rankings reflected the challenges b-schools faced in placing their batches during hard times. With MBA recruitments back...
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abhirathore How can IIM L be ranked lower than XLRI.....for the BM pr.... 22 Feb '11.
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Twelve days and four clusters later, the biggest batch of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM A) ended its Summer Placement process on Friday. There were 378 students pursuing their first year of Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGP) who were placed during this process. There were 102 recruiters who c...
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Apurv All IIMC vs IIMA angles of this debate may be carried out.... 26 Nov '10.
UnrewardedG @ Apurv Pandit : really impressed by your work in this we.... 01 May '12.