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you can apply....u have a good chance of getting a call.. last yr ppl at yr rank have got calls in obc-nc catg...
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Traditionally, the JMET is divided into four sections, namely verbal communication, logical reasoning, quantitative ability and the data interpretation section. A short review on each of the question types and a few strategies below: Verbal Communication: Reading comprehension traditionally consists of short, crisp passa...
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voldeharry getting confused in VA these days , dammm ... LR is prett.... 10 Dec '10.
sagarpattnaik4u What is 50-50-90 RULE?. 10 Dec '10.
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Pagalguy spoke to Dr Jitendra K Das, who is director at FORE School of Management and more importantly a former CAT paper -setter. Below he has not only disclosed important information on the normalisation process and on how CAT papers are set but also discussed the overdependence of students on coaching classes to get them...
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gautham87 jobless fellow... 22 Nov '10.
aanya Seems from Professor's answers that CAT has done everythi.... 25 Nov '10.
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The Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Lucknow in its new Post Graduate Program (PGP) admission policy has made an explicit bid to admit a batch with diverse educational backgrounds. According to the policy, candidates from non-engineering graduation backgrounds will receive an additional 2.5 points at the time of making...
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Cool_Monk To add... Our society prefers dumb males to super effe.... 30 Oct '10.
The_Lion_King Oh My..seems a great tug of war between engineers and non.... 15 Nov '10.
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The Karnataka High Court on June 11 disposed the public interest litigation seeking cancellation of the controversial computer-based Common Admissions Test (CAT) 2009 exam held in November and December 2009, while directing the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) at Bangalore and Ahmedabad to ensure that the errors were no...
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sivabharathula Read it few hours ago.I wonder why the IIM's want to repe.... 25 Jun '10.
sivabharathula Please note that the above comment is not intended agains.... 25 Jun '10.
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hi i think ther is anuther thread running on PG..intros of the 2010-2012 SOM batch.....i gess once the third list will get out......after dat ppl will more enthu... vill try to be active on d google grups...
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* RAT = Random Admission Test, conducted by the MII (= Management Institute of India). More PG comics Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaikar who blogs here and tweets here.
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kirin ROFL... just briallant... cant stop laughing. 29 Jul '10.
serendipitous Da Vinci Kozhikodes!! ROFLMAO :D :D :D . 24 Apr '11.
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multiplayer gaming...am a huge fan...AOE and AOM
tho am not a dota or cs fan.... i wasted most of coll time in aoe...dont wanna repeat it during MBA...
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yup i love squash...tho i suck at it...am a good swimmer...have dun 3yrs of coaching in school for swimming...but am in for squash..
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i am fresher(still in final yr)...i think there r a few more freshers..(check out the tracker)..i think they have taken into account Score + GD PI...dunno bout past acads...they may have considered Engg acads..coz they asked for each sem GPA separately when we went for the interview..