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guyz 1 thing
We should bring corporate suit ourselves or we'll get through college?
P.S. Exited for 9 June
abhinav_insane Just to inform all, college will provide only blazers... .... 2d.
abhinav_insane @0612seema Hasun? Sorry PJ. . 2d.
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The Modi fever has gripped the nation. Congress has disappointed us, and so all we keep hearing is… Nayi soch, nayi umeed, Modi sarkar ko vote karo… yak yak yak. From TV to radio channels to billboards, the man of the hour is literally everywhere, which is, of course, all very great except for the teensy-weensy fact that it ...
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suryanshsisodia making a new body with high level powers will make the sy.... 2d.
Pras19 @suryanshsisodia Yeah I agree with your points. Yes tran.... 2d.
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HiI'm in a dilemma. I have converted Narsee Monjee (core 2 yr MBA) and XIM BM. My profile:X- 87%, XII- 82%, B.E.- 8.46/10 CGPA, MSc (from the UK)-65% with 38 months work experience in research and consulting in India. I had excellent scores in XAT (99.5) and NMAT (99.5), but couldn't convert XLRI...
dmgmt Agree on the ISB part, although getting in is another thi.... 15 Apr.
sb29 Actually that is not true. In top schools, it matters les.... 15 Apr.
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Will adding HR as a preference in the interview affect my candidature for Full Time MBA in any manner(for the final convert of Full Time)?
abhinav_insane No it wont, till last year the interviews for HR and MBA .... 13 Feb.
abhinav_insane Last yr preferences were between MBA, MBA Banking and MBA.... 13 Feb.
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Hi, hey my interview is in 9:00 Am slot only, what is the maximum time, by which it will get over ???#Based on experience of ppl who have given their interview 2day...
I have a train to catch at 4:30 PM.
abhinav_insane Last yr, my panel members were reading my SOP while takin.... 13 Feb.
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@abhinav_insane  Happy birthday bhai
abhinav_insane Thanks bhai!!!. 18 Jan.
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CAT 2013 has thrown up a total of 8 toppers. All are Engineers and males. Of these two have a masters degree in Engineering and six have a Bacherlors degree in the same field. Andhra Pradesh tops the list with 4 toppers (100 percentilers) - one each from Hyderabad, Samalkot, Secunderabad and Vijayawada. Mumbai has 3 toppers a...
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tushp Hi does anyone has any idea what is the cut off for Welin.... 14 Jan.
axe2014 @yaminisandeep pinged you. 14 Jan.
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Registrations for Symbiosis National Aptitude Test (SNAP) 2013 are now open. In an important change this year, there will only be a single registration process for all MBA programs offered by institutes under the Symbiosis International University (SIU). There will also be only single Personal Interaction and Writing Ability ...
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Neelzsaxena Does anyone know where can we get mock snap papers!??. 11 Dec '13.
ashuj Does anyone know the expected cutoff for scit in percenti.... 10 Jan.
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Indian B-School Placement's True Story - My Dear Future Aspirants - Kindly follow what you love or please learn to live with the fear of being perished - The demand supply gap has turned onto its head. Read the entire blog for the reality behind the scenes - and this is not just true about one ca...
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abhinav_insane @giyan Funny thing is that I havent said anything for yo.... 31 Jul '13.
abhinav_insane @giyan Why drag NMIMS unnecessarily into it??? Every col.... 31 Jul '13.
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(Photo courtesy: Matt Reinbold) It's not easy for applicants to talk to Indian b-schools to ask for admissions-related information, something we discovered during a little experiment we did this month. Between July 4 and July 15, 2013, we posed as applicants and asked simple admissions-related queries to top 20 Indian...
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Pulkit11 the problem is ours. we create masters - our of servants..... 30 Jul '13.
xyzmanas Looks like someone needs to redefine Communication Skills.... 08 Aug '13.