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Sorry Puys for a late reply but students have left d campus to join their respective summers nd mst of them dnt have access to PG in their offices ..
Talking of results, this week is it ...expect it any time though waiting fr the result is a pain yet just a few days !!
ATB ..nd i hope mo...
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guys...Being a part PG DT is a dream of every Puy..coz they have proved themselves over the years ..but what has happened post 2010. "This is unfair" we can shout all day but to no avail. All of you are champion and sooner or later u will eventually get what u deserve.
@ Doc...bro i haven't t...
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Congratulations for making to the second round of the admission process.
I will strongly recommend you to avail the mentorship program in place, Synapse where students from the institute will be taking your individual queries. Regarding selection criteria, IIM S stresses a lot on academic exc...
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Good to see a meet happening @ bhubaneswar... Keep the PG@ Bhubaneswar flag high and expect a lot more convert than last year.
Somjeet Behera, IIM S class of 2012 will be available at Bhubaneswar in december. Do get hold of him for sum gyan... and do have a meet then..i might chip in as well.....
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more than a month has passed by and i wish to record all that has happened in my diary which from now on will be a monthly affair...
Started off with a helluva task to choose between b-schools and finally zeroing down to the ONE i am in .. lots of fear, apprehension, excitement,expectation......
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with new season of aimcats, B-school forms deadline and dream team selection,comes a pang of nostalgia...ever since u join PG, two threads are always your dream one...AIWTSAC and Life at b schools...My post on AIWTSAC will be out soon( ensuring its a good read )
life at IIM-ONE is going awesom...
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Finally chose IIM-S as my campus and has been proud of the same since i arrived...The first week was hectic where we came to know what really "hectic" is...and when it ended, it was @#$%^& ...yep that encoded message is accessible only to them who wears IIM-S tag
The life till now has been th...
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converted MDI...but now seriously confused between IIM shillong and MDI...I know its not the rite place to ask what to choose but one good insight will help me out...Puys with less than 6 days to pay the fees plz help...just want to know how is the presence of i-banks and consultancy firms in cam...
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"so goes with its image of being laid back and issues of hiring teacher, issues of getting students placed and evn sending students elsewhere in middle of course to other locations for placements"
Some serious allegations here...uncalled for and irresponsible to say the least...
But having ...