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there might be some openings since they've taken students from campusd and their joining will be in july.
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hey i have a casio 991 es calculator. will that work? or do i have to get some other?
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Concept, illustrations and graphics by Deepak Gopalakrishnan aka chuck_gopal, a Mallu-turned Mumbaiker who blogs here and tweets here.
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bhumi_sheth ROFL..:D SO TO crack G.D...we need to hav n relationship.... 05 May '11.
leenita amazinnn...........LOL ;) . 28 Sep '11.
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i had a horrible horrible GD. it was the worst of my life. and a PI which was very weird. the panel was hell bent on proving me wrong on every point. but converted!! :)
cat- 99.15
X- 91
XII- 90.8
grad- 73.2 (fresher)
congrats to all fellow ManDevIans!!
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i got through!!
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hey....i'm unable to open mdi's website. is anyone else having the same problem?
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till what time can we withdraw the admission? how much will be deducted? and so we WILL get the certificates back, right?
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i wanted to know...what are the fees refund rules? till what date can we get a refund? how much is deducted? et al.
plz reply.
thanks in advance
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hello puys!
posting after a verrry long time.
Preference- ONLY MBA core
nmat score- 244
final score (out of 100) - 64.94
Merit rank- 54
10th cbse- 91%
12th cbse- 90.8%
grad (economics from DU, final year)- 73.2%
GD was good
PI was good too
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just saw My Sister's Keeper
its about this girl who fights for medical emancipation from her parents coz her blood and parts are used to help her elder sister suffering from leukemia. it shows how the family deals with, the relationships, the bonds.
beautifully ...