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What about someone's who's Cleared CFA L1 and is sitting for the HRM interview :D! That's my case. Would it go for me or against me?
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Thanks for all the help guys. You've been very helpful
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Need help from the HRM Seniors!
The question that's really bugging me right now is "Why HRM?". What do you feel is the interview panel looking for?
I was thinking of going with an answer, explaining how the course does sound very interesting to me and how on reading about the courses involv...
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I am facing a similar problem. I had sent the confirmation pages on the the 17th of October and they reached on the 19th (according to the courier tracking). Its been a week and i still have no confirmation of the receipt on either websites. I wrote to the admissions department but i have receive...
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Use Internet Explorer. The same happened to me while using firefox. It'll upload successfully. Also make sure that the file sizes are low and dimensions are appropriate.
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Has anyone been able to successfully register through the online payment route? THe money has been debited from my account without any confirmation and no refund has been made. I wrote a mail to the admissions department without a reply. Any ideas on how to resolve this?
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The Laxmi guy says he'll get them in November. Schweser hasn't come out with their material yet. It's up for Preorder on their website as of now.
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Same here man! >70 in all except Alt. Investments. Didn't realize Schweser was the culprit
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Dude! You have some guts man! . I'd suggest you look at the topic area weights and study accordingly.
Give more time to areas like Ethics (15%) which you wouldn't have read about. I am an engineer so i don't really know what all you would've studied. But i guess you would be very familiar wi...
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Waitlisted at 1455 after a pretty good GD and PI. Looks like my low percentile (96.98 ) did it for me. Any low percentile guys got in?