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PG Meets@Temple City aka Bhubaneswar

:: Hello Bhubaneswar ! Any one interested for a PG meet here ? If yes, let this thread going. :: P.S. Awaiting responses from ankitrocks, devilishangel and all those who nominated themselves for PG MADCAPZ.
Itna sannata kyun hai yahan?

Where are you folks? Wassup these days?

@biswakpl , @anwesa09 , @riteshyaar , @dushyantagarwal & all others. rolleyes

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  • @ankitrocks I am in Delhi sleeping/working/talking/eating.... 18 Apr.
  • Abhi toh sab silent mode pe hain. Tum koi nayi baat bataa.... 18 Apr.
Dushyant Agarwal @dushyantagarwal 308
@ankitrocks Sir!!! :woot: I am just 23. Going Tough, and it seems Tough get going. [Hand Crafted Lamps][Animation Studio][Web designing/development] are the three domains we are concentrating on.
Anwesa Nanda @anwesa09 9.9 k
Abhi toh sab silent mode pe hain. Tum koi nayi baat bataayo
What happened to you all puys?? No discussion..Nothing..Guys keep this thread rolling..
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  • i'd like to clarify that this is not a communal community.... 05 Jul '13.
  • it's ok @dushyantagarwal Be in touch with this thread..We.... 05 Jul '13.
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@biswakpl in town till 10th May, Meet ho jaaye ?

Ladies and Gentleman.
Put your hands together for @anwesa09 . She has converted XIMB-RM.

way to go!

Hi all,

Good to see a Thread consisting of Puys from Bhubaneswar. If you have any kind of admission query, Please let me know..
I ahve created a group for Bhubaneswar Puys ...Join the group ..


Sunday is fine for me.i will send u my new no once i ll get it
@dushyantagarwal I am also available only on Sunday

Got 89.55 in CAT and 88.28 in XAT. As of now, only call is from FORE @Nihar105479
@Bibhu2109 Yes I am in 2013 ZONE
What calls you got ?
I am available only on Weekends (Sat/Sun) ..

How about this Sunday ? @Nihar105479
@dushyantagarwal Are you gonna take CAT in 2013? I am gonna take admission somewhere! But we can still meet someday. What say? @Nihar105479
I am in BBSR looking for people who are interested in preparing for CAT 13.
Lets meet and decide !!
Hello fellows! Another puy here, from Bhubaneswar. MBA aspirant 2013. Anyone belonging to the same group here?
Hi puys...Is there PAGUL GUY GROUP is there @ BBSR ...I am moving to BBSR...looking for groups tp prep for CAT 2013

@anwesa09 said:
@ankitrocks bhai, Keep us posted about your calls /converts etc etc

@dushyantagarwal said:

Mam I have not written CAT 12 or any other exam. I am preparing for CAT13 You are in which B-school ?
Not in a b-school. Yet Awaiting TISS results. Anyone taking MICAT this season ? @ankitrocks bhai, Keep us posted about your calls /converts etc etc

Any more CAT '13 aspirants except @dushyantagarwal ?

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