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I am back folks :: Just when you thought that I would become a lot less active in terms of posting (spamming I mean :: ) I am here with a new thread. Learnings from two days stay @ XLRI \- Jamshedur is a very small town :neutral_face: ... Read More »

when are your summers starting?

  • in due course of time u wld get to know that...with the f.... 02 Aug.
  • 09 Aug.

Valhalla begins tomorrow. :mg: Months of hard work and practice. Hope it goes well.

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  • @nits2811 Ok. Thank you for the insight.. 30 Aug.
  • Congratulations Bhai for winning first trophy as a captain.. 05 Sep.
Anjan Raina @AnjanRaina 461

Give us an insight  as to how your previous credentials for instance you 10th/12th score, GPA, college, work experience(no of years) matter when it comes to final placements. 

Nitesh Goyal @nits2811 5.3 k

@AnjanRaina it matters a lot is what i can say...or if u have done something really amazing to cover for it

Avnish Mishra @leo12all 815

Congratulations Bhai for winning first trophy as a captain.

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1 month that i have been here...every day has been truly sensational...every time u think u r starting to understand the culture...something unexpected comes in...barring the humid weather..everything is bliss here...if u want to know more..make it to XL next year then

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  • raat din sab ek h...hardly days and dates dhyaan rehte h .... 17 Jul.
  • kya baat hai :clap: people are enjoying a lot in XL :g.... 19 Jul.
Leonidas @Hemanz 1.6 k

Yea. And over here, 2 cheez u never get. 1. Raat kabhi nahi hoti. 2. Sleep. (Excluding sleping in class)

Nitesh Goyal @nits2811 5.3 k

raat din sab ek h...hardly days and dates dhyaan rehte h until and unless v have a deadline...

XLRi.. I love you. Awesome night yday. Thank you seniors You guys are the shaan of XL


plz see the new thread for TISS 2015-2017 aspirants

TISS NET (2015-2017) : PaGaLGuY : The Education Network
TISS NET (2015-2017) : PaGaLGuY : The Education Network
if any of u guys had given previous TISS-NET , u must have noticed that in English section , 10-20 questions were purely based on vocab , we cant improve it over night, so most of the times we just be like guessing , but ya if we start from now onward , we can learn up to 10-15 words a day , 1500-2000 words till thn , i have started a bit with word power made easy ,doing a session daily, if u ppl have any specific trick or way , plz share


It's been a year since I first saw XL.. And more than 2 months since I last saw it.. Cannot wait to go back now.. 3 more days.. XL Meri Jaan!

  • So are we. Excited. Can't wait to be there. :smiley:. 13 Jun.
You appreciate the true value of something only when it finishes...
Cant believe one year is already over!

It just whizzed past!!!!
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One year at XLRI completed. Feeling overwhelmed.
Convocation done. Seniors have left. Seems like a huge void. XL culture is truly remarkable. The number of seniors I know personally and the memories I have with them seems amazing.

Thanks for everything seniors.
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  • WooW !! Looks like just yesterday when we were discussing.... 25 Mar.
  • Agreed mate!. 25 Mar.
Sahastranshu Mishra @sunilm98 52
Really the time flies by....
Wish I too could be a part of XL culture...
Heard a lot positive about the junior senior relationship in XL.... Its awesome.
Avnish Mishra @leo12all 815
WooW !! Looks like just yesterday when we were discussing about admissions Time flies by !
Sigh.. another couple of weeks and our 1st year gets over... soon we'll be the seniors and be expected to guide the incoming juniors...

How does time fly so fast? :/

#random musings..
Term 3 !

XL - IIMC, Regional nights, senior placements, MAXI Fair, IR conference, Committee selections and elections And of course, mid terms, assignments and projects :banghead:

The joys of being on the other side of the counter!!
XLRI thrashes IIM-C at the annual XLRI-IIM-C sports meet.. Shabba boys and girls!! mg

Aaj toh gandi walli party hai re bawa!!
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  • Aaj toh banta hai raat ko :grin:. 27 Jan.
  • lets call the boys nd do the "blue eyes" act one more tim.... 27 Jan.

Now that's how you welcome old rivals \m/

IIMC tumse na ho payega !
  • @anshul_mechie What say, were we "hospitable" enough? :s.... 25 Jan.

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