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History of

New version to roll out in a few days!!

P.S. that's what Mods told me!! :P
@[38659:Scorpio_19] Dare anyone write a book on PaGalguy without solving the puzzle "Who is PaGalguy?" -
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Anyone planning to write a History book on Pagalguy?
Just for records: PG switched to new look on 9th July 2012
sir u r a legend.. wat u did 4 MBA aspirants....
v cant say nethng else thn THANK U n will alwaz b grateful to u...
hats off...
Awesome job dude .....
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None can be in high spirits all the time. Well, I'll rephrase little.
None can be in high spirits and motivised all the time without PagalGuy.:cheers:
Not possible to get those old links too many tech updates over the years. But if a thread points to a forum link, you can get the new forum discussion by searching. But the old version of the forum had to be taken down as we couldn't manage to keep it secure

The 'old' links arn't working. If those pages are no longer online, could you please atleast put up a snapshot?

After all, those are real important pages of the PG journey? What say Mr. PG?

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pagalguy is no more a site for me to has become a virtual place for me to continually make myself feel at my second home...
i am greatly indebted to it, because of it...i happened to across miles and make few of my dreams realise.....
thank you very very much...
A million zanks to PG for the gr8 forum and a big platform for all the MBA aspirants...

I've been a silent spectator of PG since may 2008... dunno why i joined in so late... nevertheless now that i have... i enjoy every moment i'm here...

Thanks PAGALGUY!!!
Very inspiring one indeed......

Pagalguy is the site where u can get all ur queries answered in the best way.

PG rocks.......
Great work !! Inspiration for thousands of candidates ...

Surely doing a commendable work ... way 2 go !

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