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Football Club -- Part Deux

Friends, Romans, countrymen :: .. As we all know that legendary Football Club thread is closed because it had more than 13K post :cheerio:(thats a PG record as far as I know) and might have caused some server issues therefore this is gonna b... Read More »

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with United?? Seriously...after all sorts of analysis over a year, I am still clueless!! 

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  • This is quite a new team, so it will take some time for e.... 9h.
  • Mark Clattenburg.......:/. 4h.
At IIM-B @Budokai001 1.3 k

We need Phil Jones back soon.  Defense  is just ,well i dont have a word to describe it !! I saw Maria running back too much and defending a lot ,which is just pathetic . Blackett is still learning but unfortunately we're already in too much of shit to tolerate mistakes like what he did tonight.On top of this,Rafael lost his mind for a moment :/ 

            Nevertheless,today Jamie Vardy for Leicester was fantastic and even the regulars wouldve had a hard time . He was just too fast.

           The supposedly "Easy" fixtures are almost over and October is going to be hell if we dont improve our defense. Lets see what future hopes . In LVG I Trust !!  

shriniket kulkarni @shriniket812

This is quite a new team, so it will take some time for everyone to gel and understand each other. Communication and referee were the two main problem for united yesterday. But kudos to leceister the way they played.

Wrote a sports article after a pretty long time! A preview of the upcoming match between Man City and Chelsea. Feedback appreciated!

Manchester City vs Chelsea - Five point preview
Manchester City vs Chelsea - Five point preview
The 'little horse' of last season, and clearly the 'big horse' this season, Chelsea have had a scintillating start to this season with 4 wins in 4 games. With Chelsea having one of the best transfer windows in recent years, they clearly have a world class squad at their disposal.

Posted by Vineeth Poojary on Sportskeeda

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Any Leeds United Fans here?

  • i follow leeds results... 7d.

We have new hero to worship .
He wears no 7. 
And his name is Angel De Maria...
4-0 it is .
That old venom is back.Manchester United is back

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  • Hmm , good result for UTD but far from being back.... 7d.
  • Will wait for few more results...but had to say this was .... 7d.
MANOWAR @manowar 324

United need more central players. The current squad will still struggle against decent teams. LVG must be glad that he does not have to face CL teams. 

Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6.3 k

Will wait for few more results...but had to say this was quite pleasing

any arsenal fans here

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  • Any Leeds United fans here?. 7d.
  • hellooo fellow gooners. 6d.

Why no posts in this thread?? Where are the EPL, LaLiga and UEFA CL fans???

@skks @harshroy @Fidelis @hiteshpratap @Budokai001 @first_timer @Messy_19 @chelseaboy @swapnil4ever2u @busar005 and others

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  • @Sherjil Kyu!!?? Meri tarah aur bhi patient hain ky.... 6d.
  • @harshroy hai na...mera khas apna @skks :stuck out ton.... 20h.

Hey buddies...How is it going?? Looong time!!!!

Eagerly waiting for the season to start! Even the transfers are giving me sleepless nights!!!

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  • @Budokai001 \- Nah, Just found one coming out of the shad.... 11 Aug.
  • @harshroy kroos le gaye :astonished: tumhari to chandi .... 16 Aug.
Athena Skywalker @Fidelis 410

@harshroy- yeah, 'sharper' it is! Not sure, if 'stronger'

some big changes required right now.

and Frankly speaking, I am jealous that RM got the one player we should have had bid the highest for :/

Athena Skywalker @Fidelis 410

@Budokai001 - Nah, Just found one coming out of the shadows of that rock B-)

and my God, how confident & lively they look,talking about their new found passion (that they'll gradually lose interest in)! so,my friends, Brace yourselves!

Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6.3 k

@harshroy kroos le gaye  tumhari to chandi ho gayi...meri team ka best midfielder chala gaya

FPL leagues created? Codes?

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  • yeahhhh the codes are not correct....... 21 Aug.

Schweinstiger, Lahm and Klose. What a fairytale end of three modern day greats. Couldn't have asked for more. Truly deserved champs _/\_

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  • @Sherjil hmm i cn undrstnd. 23 Jul.

Mirosalav Klose \\__//o On top of the World.

One wish accomplished, one more to go...Golden boot for Thomas Mueller.


live streaming k liye koi bhi links working kya???

@hiteshpratap @Fidelis @Sherjil  

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  • This is why you are facing problems in streaming the matc.... 08 Jul.
  • Let me know what all of you think about this. I see a wor.... 08 Jul.
Manish Kumar @man_05 111

Let me know what all of you think about this. I see a worrying trend here: If it's that easy to impose a blanket ban on websites in India, what's the difference between China and us? Extending this further, if for all movie releases or other sporting events, broadcasters start getting sites banned, those sites  will virtually be permanently blocked!

guys,any live streaming link for WC? urgent!

@Sherjil ,@skks ,@hiteshpratap ,others 

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  • @skks ,@shaun4u86 \- thanks a ton! :smiley: :smiley: .... 29 Jun.
  • @Fidelis working :thumbsup:. 29 Jun.
Athena Skywalker @Fidelis 410

@skks ,@shaun4u86 - thanks a ton!

@hiteshpratap - rojadirecta still working? I tried it ,and when it wasn't available, I panicked

@Sherjil - same here but,yesterday was different BTW Germany got Algeria, will be quite a cake-walk for them

Dear Spain ( Del Bosque)

'End of an era' is what you get when you treat your best player like this.

Dear Villa,

We love you. I want to quote here how many goals you've scored for Spain(and oh, how beautifully!). I want to talk about the innumerable times you've saved the national team from humiliating defeats. I want to tell the people how gracefully you've moved on the field looking like a true 'La Furia Roja'. I want to say a lot that would still not suffice to summarize the beauty that you are with the ball, on that green grass.  But, I guess, as I die a little bit inside seeing you leave the field in tears (I will not talk about how you were substituted, for this isn't about them. This outburst of emotions is about you.), all I whisper quietly is- We love you. You know that, don't you? We, the La Roja, will always love you. No matter where you go, no matter for which team you play in the future, no matter how far you may feel you are from your fans, we will always love you. We will always be there. In our heart of hearts, we will always remember the splendor that you carry with your name.

P.S. : To us, the fans, you'll always be the fiery son of Spain National Football team  that you were today- The one man who will never cease to be 'la furia roja'. Godspeed.


An admirer who will always be in awe of you and your game

  • not a fan of Spain but a big fan of villa.I was fuming wi.... 24 Jun.
  • @Sherjil \- of the biggest mistakes Spain commit.... 29 Jun.
Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6.3 k

not a fan of Spain but a big fan of villa.I was fuming with anger to see him being substituted in 55th min. Still not able to figure out why he??

Athena Skywalker @Fidelis 410

@Sherjil - of the biggest mistakes Spain committed was not playing Villa...

Mirsolav Klose _/\_. Slow claps for the champion player and now a word record holder. 

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  • hahaha...that's so true @Budokai001. @deepu Sir: same her.... 22 Jun.
  • @Sherjil That would be wonderful, a starting berth for Kl.... 22 Jun.
At IIM-B @Budokai001 1.3 k

I hope so too. So that i can finally get away from "Record holder ronaldo,the real one " jeers from CR7 haters !

Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6.3 k

hahaha...that's so true @Budokai001. @deepu Sir: same here. Now I am expecting leow to give him a place in starting 11

Ankush Singh @Chillmba 444

@Sherjil That would be wonderful, a starting berth for Klose. :D 

 @Yambeye @Guesswho_87 @atshy21saraf @Sherjil @Fizz_Sid  tiki taka gone????  :niraash:   :( 

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  • @Sherjil :mg:. 23 Jun.
  • @Palash2012 I am torres fan too... He has all the attribu.... 23 Jun.
Sherjil Islam @Sherjil 6.3 k

@mind-at-work  but maine to Alia ma'm ke IQ level ke baare me kuch kaha hi nahi    

Ajinkya Karnik @Yambeye 121

@Palash2012 I am torres fan too... He has all the attributes of a perfect no 9... I still think he can reach his prime if he leaves Chelsea.. he actually plays well in games but since he doesnt score, it leads to a lot of criticism... I hope he leaves Chelsea and resurrects his career as he cannot thrive under Mourinho... 

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