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I am in the initial stages of planning for an MBA abroad, want to get into Leadership/Strategic positions after MBA.
Need help in shortlisting colleges to aim for, my preference would be one year MBA programs in Europe and North America.

I also am a little skeptic about the job prospects and immigration rules in Europe especially UK, request you to throw some light on it.

My target colleges:
1. INSEAD, France
2. Judge, Cambridge
3. ESMT, Germany
4. MIT Sloan (In case I choose a 2 year MBA)
5. HEC Montreal

My profile:

A CGPA of 7.1/10 from a virtually unknown university in Central India.
Not taken GMAT yet(aiming for a 750), got a 600 in the first diagnostic test

Working for Cisco Systems as a Test engineer, total exp 3 years.

Notable extracurriculars in college:
Elected as Vice President of college body.
Founded a Counselling cell for students.

Out of office activities currently:
Part time photographer
Amateur Film maker(2 films in the pipeline right now)
Associated with 3 NGOs.
Won Bangalore chapter of a Global Innovation Challenge last year.

What are the chances on being able to land in the above colleges if I write strong essays and end up with a GMAT score of 720-750?
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  • European B Schools would look for diversified roles in te.... 28 May.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
European B Schools would look for diversified roles in terms of having experience with leading teams and managing people. Do elaborate more about your job profile. Yes, a score above 720 and impressive essays would be vital in hearing from those b Schools. Do PM us with your details on your work experience etc to help you better with a choice of schools.
Hi, i am planning to do my mba and applying for Jan 2015 intake..
i am confused between Queen's and Schulich, Canada..
I am from India, IT, 4.5 years exp and 650 gmat..
i would preferrrably want to go to Canada but i am open to other countries where the job market is good and visa is not much of an issue..
i even thought of SDA Bocconi, IESE, IE as well as HEC in European countries..
but i am still having double thoughts on these schools as I have budget constraints along with questions on visa and job prospects in these countries..
can someone help me.. firstly in deciding between Queen's and Schulich.. job prospects after studying from these colleges for an Indian and if possible then tips on how middle class indians handle their finances..

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  • thanks .. this does help.. however, alon.... 22 May.
  • Hi @nothingsgonnastopme ! Queen's is a 1-year program and.... 22 May.
zb mithani @nothingsgonnastopme 11
got your point reg. European schools..
as for Canada.. Rotman is way too costly .. but Ivey.. haven't given it a thought yet ..
so if we compare Queen's and Ivey, then Ivey gives me better brand and job prospects?
but then again.. it can be same issue of having just 1 year WP..
so how do we rate Queen's, Ivey and Schulich based on brand, value for money, job prospects and ofcourse their program design..
m sure your response will really help me..
Essay Sunday 13
Both Queen's and Schulich have similar reputation. If you were comparing Rotman or Ivey, they were clear winners.
Getting a job in Spain and Italy is certainly difficult. During our interaction with the AdCom of IE, they also admitted that IE students do not come to IE to work in Spain. They work globally - which is possible for Europeans and Americans, but not so much for Indians. France and Holland are pretty safe though.
zb mithani @nothingsgonnastopme 11
thanks .. this does help.. however, along with duration of program and work permit.. i even wanted to know which one is more reputed and from where i have more chances to get a job
reg. european colleges like italy and spain.. how difficult would it be to get job around these countries and how is placement there?
Essay Sunday 13
Hi @nothingsgonnastopme ! Queen's is a 1-year program and Schulich is a 2-year program. Along with your preference of the program duration, you may also want to consider that with a 1-year program, you get a 1-yr work-permit post MBA whereas with a 2-year program you get a 3-year work permit post MBA, during which you must apply for a PR. Though both are reputed programs, these differentiators should help you choose.
Spain and Italy you may want to avoid if getting a job is your priority after MBA, but HEC is worth a shot given that it is able to place most Indian students. You may also want to consider Rotterdam School of Management. Though these are competitive programs, but with a strong set of essays, you do have a decent chance.

All the Best!
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I am planning to do my MBA from US, I have got 4 years work exp in IT.
I have got admits from Drexel University - LeBow Business School and UNC Charlotte. Got scholarship from Drexel so tuition fees for both will be same. My main motive is Post MBA job. Need help in making selection and any expert advice.

*I know both schools are not great, but with my score and budget they fit in.
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  • Hi @ivyctor2010 thanks for the prompt reply,. 06 Apr.
  • @ashs1189 Do comapre both schools on all important parame.... 06 Apr.
ashwin sakhardande @ashs1189
Hi @ivyctor2010 thanks for the prompt reply: 1. Both college website does not have that data nor did I have any success googling it. Is there any website you recommend. 2 & 3. Will do that for sure. 4. Spoke to Unc alumini but not getting any reverts from Drexel alumini. If you know any1 can you help me connect. And your personal opinion on Drexel full time Mba?
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
@ashs1189 Do comapre both schools on all important parameters, which may include
1. Placement records including industry wise split of outgoing class (say your goal is to be into marketing then check %age of class getting placed into marketing profile)
2. Split of incoming class w.r.t. geography they come from, avg. yrs of experience, major in bachelors
3. Post MBA, if you have a target industry in mind, then how far is commercial city from your college, e.g. - NYU being close to Wallstreet, Rotman in financial hub of Toronto allows you to network
4. And most importantly, speak with Alumni
Hope this helps!

I plan on applying for MBA to some European schools for Fall 2015. I'm currently working as a Senior Software Developer at a big software firm, and I'll cross 3 years of work experience by Summer 2015. Can you please advise me on what schools I may have a chance in going though, and where I should aim at applying? I was wondering what my chances in LBS, INSEAD, HEC, etc will be.

Acads - X (86), XII (89), GPA (8.3/10).
GMAT - not taken yet. preparation in full swing.

Decent extra-curriculars in college and merit certifications. Nothing as such in my professional career, but will get good recommendations from my managers.

Thank you.
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  • I will definitely look into more schools as you said. Wha.... 24 Mar.
  • If you're just looking at European, you should look at a .... 24 Mar.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
You need to put a little push into your ECAs. You have written that you had decent extra curriculars in college.why not something now? How would you differentiate yourself from others? why not take up responsibilities in managing or working collaboratively in carrying out events at work or through enrolments in organisations which may leverage your knowledge of skills and understanding in the technical space?
@ivyctor2010 , thanks. Will surely write to you. In the meantime, can you suggest ways to improve one's profile for this in the one year I have? And I'm inclined towards B-Schools in UK mostly for personal reasons. Can you suggest universities where I should be applying to stand a good chance? Like LBS, Warwick Business, etc?
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
@DMFC While average experience of incoming class in European B-School is ~4-5 years, good number of admitted students fall under experience bracket of 3 years, so you stand a good chance from experience perspective. INSEAD looks for pre-MBA managerial experience and hence would be tough to crack.
All schools you have listed are very competitive and would require significant effort from your end. You should understand the fact that majority of Indian applicants (who apply to top 30 B schools) have stellar acads and hence your acads will not give any competitive advantage.
Aim to score 720+ in GMAT and then prepare a well rounded application with clearly thought out goals.
You may go for free profile evaluation to understand your areas of strength/improvement. Do write to us on info(at)ivyctor(dot)com
I will definitely look into more schools as you said. What I meant to ask was that is it realistic to apply this schools with 3 years work experience (in summer 2015) and expect a good result? Assuming the essays, recommendations and GMAT go my away. The purpose of this was asking a crude evaluation for a person like me with a slightly above average profile.
Mansie Dewan @MansieDewanConsulting 2.1 k
If you're just looking at European, you should look at a couple of more schools like SAID, ESADE, IE, RSM etc. Which schools and your chance of getting an admit is purely a matter of which school is a good fit, how well you portray yourself through the admissions application and your GMAT. Good Luck with the preparation and I suggest you give it asap,so that you have time to improve your score, should the need arise.

Hello All ,

I am an electrical engineer at a stage in my life where I have to make a bold decision. I just want my profile evaluated from somebody . I have been an above average student throughout my life but there is nothing spectacular about my achievements .
I will list my records and please someone tell me if I have a shot at either IIM A,B,C or ISB or for that matter any A++ institute.
10th 93.2 % 12th 85.6 % B.Tech 75 % from MAIT ,I.P university
working in a Windmoeller and Hoelscher ,a German company that is a top player in its field (2 years 8 months).I have dealt with german bosses and I can also speak fluent german .My job experience involves travelling to more than 20 countries and being the electrical in charge of the site i.e Commissioning and Service Engineer . It is indeed a high paying job for all the responsibilities involved.
Other achievments: Sun certified Java programmer , CBSE 10th Hindi 0.01 certificate , Good at sports with some certis , School level talent exams , NIIT Aptitute test certificate ..

As I said there is nothing spectacular about me that makes me wonder if I still have a shot at the premier schools .Please reply I am thinking of a turnaround in life ,suddenly I want to perform and compete with the best .
I had appeared for CAT once in 2011 (as a fresher) VA :99.89 DI:39 QA:90 . DI had let me down that time but I dont think I am that bad. If I appear this year I can get that up.

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  • hello ..thanks for your review , as i have heard from my .... 20 Mar.
  • For the IIMs, your experience is slightly on the lower si.... 20 Mar.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
We could guide you with your GMAT strategy, School selection and essays etc. You could PM us with your details.
Devank Kumar @Devank 14
hello ..thanks for your review , as i have heard from my seniors in IIMs when you pursue a regular PGP there are lots of disadvantages due to age factor .. Many great companies just filter out people without workex ... if a person is too old he will be the last one to be placed .. nonetheless MBA with experience is still considered better ..but it would be nice if one could take the best of both the worlds..
How much experience do you think is perfect ?
secondly , I could do better with some guidance how do I benefit from ivyctor?
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
For the IIMs, your experience is slightly on the lower side. For ISB you will need to target a score of 720 and above in GMAT. Apart from that you will also need well rounded essays. Your acads are good, international exposure and dealing with multicultural teams can give you an edge if you put them well in your essays. In case you need further assistance, please PM us

I'm currently working as a software developer and am keen on pursuing an MBA with a technology specialization. I've already got a 700 on my GMAT (a while back.) + over 5 years experience, and I'm looking to apply for admits in 2015.

Could someone guide to me some the best tech focused MBA Colleges in the world. (apart from MIT.) USA, Europe, etc are all good.

Also, if someone can guide me to careers after an MBA in the technology industry that would be hihgly appreciated.

I graduated from Delhi University in Business Economics last year and started working with an Export House after my degree. I have currently applied at the UCL (MA Comparative Business Economics) and Imperial Business School(Msc Management).These are both 1 years programs
and I'm hopeful that I will be able to secure admission in at least one of them. Now considering that I do get into either and then work for one more year after completing the course, would I have any realistic chances for MBA at B-schools like Wharton, Yale etc? I mean would they even consider my profile if I manage to get a very good GMAT score?


can anyone help me in calculating the GPA for US based colleges out of 4. i secured 60% in grad.
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  • Do NOT calculate GPA. Colleges don't ask for it. Just sen.... 11 Feb.
  • visit this link 11 Feb.

Hello Puys,

I am beginning my journey towards an mba from a top university in Canada. I intend to take up my gmat in 2014 and get an admit for the fall 2015 batch.

By next year i will have 2.5years of exp as a Business Analyst in the Procurement/Supply chain domain at Reliance Industries.(As a Data Analyst-handling Spend, Inventory, Performance enhancement and supply market Reports).

I have done a 1 year Internship at Asus Computers.

Engineering from Mumbai University-66%.



can you please shed some light on

1. which universities r within my reach(expecting to score 700+).

2. what r d job prospects after mba.

3. what is d average salary after mba from top colleges (Queens, Sauder, Schulich etc.)

4. also which specialization will be best for me.



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  • frankly, im not dat clear at this moment. I want to put m.... 05 Jan.
  • Look at Simon Fraser too. what would be your long term go.... 05 Jan.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
Have you given your GMAT yet? You could PM us for a further discussion on your queries.
Ronak Singh @Ronak1990
frankly, im not dat clear at this moment. I want to put my experience as an analyst to good use. It wud b nice if u cud shed some light on wich stream or specialization wud b nice...
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
Look at Simon Fraser too. what would be your long term goals?
What is the duration of the post graduate work permit that I may get after completing a 16months/ 4 sem masters degree in Canada. I have applied for the masters of management in operations research in sauder school of business.
Where i can get Full Length Mock Test for GMAT(like actual Computer Adaptive test) ??
i am ready for contribution if two /three people are ready to buy, becuase it definitely will be expensive..
  • 2 Practice Tests are Free and 2 Practice Tests are for so.... 26 Dec '13.
  • go to MBA. com --> GMAT Study Materials --- > Download GM.... 26 Dec '13.
Csquare Learnings @CsquareLearnings 44
2 Practice Tests are Free and 2 Practice Tests are for some cost.
Csquare Learnings @CsquareLearnings 44
go to MBA. com --> GMAT Study Materials --- > Download GMAT prep Test.
Is there is any chance for me to make it to mighty Wharton, Stanford, HBS etc. If not, what should I be aiming for? I am planning to apply next year.
My profile:
GMAT score wont be any issue.
Good Extra Curricular- was active in college, used to teach poor kids too.
NCC- C Certificate
Work Ex- 15 months in Ambuja Cement Limited (Holcim) till 31st dec, 2013 as electrical engg.

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  • Two things i can say GMAT score - "Wont be any issu.... 26 Dec '13.
  • You are low on experience... For making into the top B Sc.... 26 Dec '13.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
Leadership roles, initiatives in leading teams, involvement in CSR activities in your organisation and engaging yourself in team building roles away from your professional arena would add to your repertoire of professional skills.
O_0 @bingo0 3
@ivyctor2010 @ananyboss Thank You.
I still have to give GMAT. I prepared for cat this year n attempted 1 test on GmatPrep Software ..scored a 720 without GMAT specific preparation. So, was hoping that do better by the time I'll actually give GMAT.
I am planning to apply next year, which means at the time of joining B-school, that is, summers of 2015, I would (15+18=33) months of work ex. Hope it'll be fine then.
Can you elaborate bit more on "
professional skills and initiatives of the different kind".
Ananya Pandey @ananyboss 1.3 k
Two things i can say

GMAT score - "Wont be any issue" - should be a number
Stanford HBS, etc they prefer at least 2.5 - 4 years experienced person.

ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
You are low on experience... For making into the top B Schools - a good score, work experience, professional skills and initiatives of the different kind, alluring extra curriculars not only at School but at present too and collaborative working away from work ( events , sports, innovating for a need) etc would be highly desirable.

I work as an assistant manager in state bank of india.i'm interested in mba.i want to know which of these certifications-CFA or CAIIB wud be more helpful in fetching me an mba seat in any top 30 us or europe b acads are-10-87,12th n worked in an ngo fr a year b4 joining sbi.had founded a quiz club in my college and shouldered an important positions of responsibility in another college club.i intend to start applying after i gain 3-4 years of work experience.i've yet formed a complete idea about what i'd like my future career path to be like but i'd like to be involved either in financial services or consulting.kindly advice on my dilemma between choosing certification in CFA and CAIIB


While going through the different college essays, i can see that they all ask almost the same thing. Can I use essays written for one college to apply in other colleges?

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  • Definitely not. You need to clearly research on what each.... 09 Dec '13.
  • Hi @arpitmis you can use the same essays but this is not .... 08 Dec '13.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
Definitely not. You need to clearly research on what each B School has to offer and what are they keen on. Though it may look easy, it is important to take a lot of time to understand the culture, ethos of a particular B School and the kind of intake they are keen on. Some European B Schools are high on experience and cross cultural engagements and community work, while others look for a diversified persona in terms of leadership experiences and range of interests outside work ( to find out your people management skills). You will need to take a deeper look than just the essay questions.
Rohan kumar @askrohan 45
Hi @arpitmis you can use the same essays but this is not the right approach, your essays should be in sync with what the b-school looks for in a prospective applicant. Some of the b-schools look for strong leadership qualities and some of them give preference to entrepreneurship and innovation. Similarly b-schools llike Harvard looks for engaged community citizenship, Strong analytical aptitude. ISB looks for diversity and leadership skills. so Each b-schools has its own characteristics which they look for in prospective applicants.
Can somebody please evaluate my profile and let me know what colleges I should target whether I should go for the top 20 or below.
10- 80%
12th - 61%
B.E - 64%
College - NITK Surathkal
GMAT - 710
work Ex - 7+

Thanks in advance

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  • Thanks for replying.. 06 Dec '13.
  • You have not mentioned anything about the kind of work yo.... 06 Dec '13.
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
Since you are high on the experience, you could look at European B Schools like ESADE, IE, US Schools like CMU Tepper, Indiana Kelley, Mc Combs, Ross etc. In Canada, Rotman would be a good pick.
Arpit Mishra @arpitmis 50
I have been in IT services throughout my career. I have been working in pre-sales for Project and Portfolio Management (PPM)solutions. I have implemented PPM solutions for industries across various sectors. In short term I would like to join a consulting firm and provide clients with IT implementation strategy. I have been a football player and have represented my college and companies that I have worked for. I have won medals in athletics at university level. waiting for your reply. thanks in advance
ivyctor 2010 @ivyctor2010 870
You have not mentioned anything about the kind of work you do, your career interests and post MBA goals, extra curricular activities and interests in sports, music etc, All these would help in better evaluate your profile and the B Schools that you should target. You could also Private Message us with more details( about the pointers mentioned above) , so that we can get bac to you with better results.

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