XISS Admission 2014 - 2016 All the queries related to XISS Ranchi and admissions to XISS for 2014-16 batch can be asked and discussed through this forum..!!
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ken_tom1989 @Ankpink youre welcome....youre gonna join kya?. 3d.
Jo91 I took admission for HR. Will be joining. Its quite good .... 2d.
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My CMAT score is 206 and my CAT percentile is 76.84.
I have applied for Marketing. How is Marketing at XISS?
Should I apply for HRM? and if I apply in HRM will I be selected?
I have interest in both HRM and Marketing.
bigsandy Only HR is good AFAIK . 17 Feb.
miteshk nothing like evn marketing is good so u cn apply fr both .... 18 Feb.
By what time XISS will call for GD/PI?
rAkash @Abhi_Indi - I dont get u . i am asking if the cut off i.... 20 Feb.
Abhi_Indi @rAkash : No idea about that much percentile yaar. Its v.... 20 Feb.
I got OA of 76.84 in CAT 66.51 till date in gradution and 87 in both 1oth and 12th wat are my chances to convert call for gdpi in HRM...what was the last year's for specified programmes..???
Can any1 tell which is better of these two.. Xime or Xiss hr? confused pls help
bharatratn No I meant for specific hr course xiss is better and it i.... 16 Feb.
bharatratn xiss hr cutoff for cmat is 199 but for marketing , finace.... 16 Feb.
hi does XISS accepts feb cmat ???
jassu0107 No my Friend.. :( . 17 Feb.
cat 69.66%ile. any chance to get a call. category -general
@miteshk @kryash5 Does IOCL recruit from XISS?? Bcoz I've seen that they offer summer placements...!


Whats the cut off through CAT and XAT and CMAT? Anybody?

and last date for registration?

Cutoff still not decided. Last date for registration is 20th February.

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    Whats the cut off through CAT and XAT and CMAT? Anybody? and last date for registration?
    rAkash cut off pls? anybody knows??. 15 Feb.
    jassu0107 CAT n XAT (General) - 72-75 , CMAT (General)- 190-195 for.... 17 Feb.
    GUys can anyone tell me about the PSU recruitment this year?? Do PSU's recruit freshers?? What are the PSUs that recruit from XISS?? @miteshk @kryash5
    cmat 154 score in general category with 20 months exp.what are chances of getn a call from hr.please reply.thanx in advance.
    miteshk tough chance..!!. 18 Feb.
    rashmi075 wat abt marketing?. 26 Feb.
    .cat 73.94percentile10th 81.812th 73.6graduation 79.5category obcany chance og getting cal for hrplz reply
    aleyaakbar my CAT percentile is 71.02.....its below 72?. 12 Feb.
    rAkash i saw xiss accepts people with 40%ile for MBA in IT etc. .... 13 Feb.
    xiss has obc reservation or not?
    miteshk noo..!!. 11 Feb.
    guys do we need to send the form after paying the fees??
    miteshk no its an online process....!!but in case if u hv send th.... 11 Feb.
    k.saptarshi but it is clearly written in the website that just to wri.... 16 Feb.
    I have a very bad sectional in QA ... Also my overall is 71.4 in XAT. Will I make it through HR?
    kryash5 @prod XAT percentile CMAT score HRM - 72 (XAT) 36 (XAT.... 11 Feb.
    miteshk u cn get the call as last year cut off of xat was 72 perc.... 11 Feb.
    is it possible to get a call from xiss for marketing with cmat score 126 or xat score 47.98 percentile....(category-general)
    kryash5 MKT - 60 (XAT) 100 (CMAT) So @k.saptarshi u are havin.... 11 Feb.
    miteshk ya u hv chances for marketing..!!. 11 Feb.
    when will be the shortlisted candidates list be out??
    miteshk last week of this month..!!. 11 Feb.
    rAkash i am sry , but the registration is closed?. 13 Feb.
    i have 59 percentage in d 4th semester but overall it is 67. will my form be rejected? plz moderators resolve my dilemma........
    kryash5 @Komzz No problem ... ATB . 09 Feb.
    miteshk xiss is concerned with overall percentage so its ok ur fo.... 11 Feb.
    @kryash5 while feeling the application form in graduation part it shows that I've to put my percentage in semester form.Now in some of the semesters I've below 60% but overall I've 62% in my btech.In the form there is no place to fill the overall graduation marks but only semester from 1 to 8.So ...
    Komzz I cald dem, a lady pickd. c told dat it is d ovrall marks.... 08 Feb.
    Vndu @komzz thank you.I called them too.She said to call in th.... 08 Feb.
    plz can nyone tell me wch course has the better placement scenario currently ; rm or finance????Thanx in advance....... @miteshk
    diljustchill @miteshk Sorry! I did not know that. Thanks again!. 18 Feb.
    diljustchill @miteshk Can you please provide the link for fees struct.... 18 Feb.