XISS Admission 2014 - 2016 All the queries related to XISS Ranchi and admissions to XISS for 2014-16 batch can be asked and discussed through this forum..!!
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ken_tom1989 @Ankpink youre welcome....youre gonna join kya?. 4d.
Jo91 I took admission for HR. Will be joining. Its quite good .... 3d.
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Hi i have a score of 149 in SEP cmat. Can i get admission in Xiss?
miteshk no you wont get the call also so its better u gv ur bst s.... 29 Oct '13.


I have ended up with a score of 200 in september cmat.I also have good acads.

I have a work ex of 2 yrs and a package of 4 lacs.I am keen in taking up HRD.

Can the seniors please suggest if i should apply to XISS(the placement would suit my needs/I have high chances of conversion).

On a new mission :)
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    what was the cutoff for christian candidated (general category) in sept cmat 2012..?? please help
    miteshk 190...!!. 29 Oct '13.
    can i get admission in xiss my cmat sept score is 129
    shnk cut off for hr through cat and xat ? . 08 Nov '13.
    karan793 is marketing worth appling .... 20 Nov '13.
    I have a score of 165 and rank 9897 in Sep 2013 CMAT exam.
    My 10th and 12th marks are 84.2% and 72% respectively and i am a final year B.tech student.
    Do i have any chance for HR/marketting.
    I wanted to do PGDM in HRM. Should i apply with XAT-2014 ?
    Worah looks like you can easily make it to marketing though HRM.... 23 Oct '13.
    miteshk Ya he is rite apply for xat n d ;last year cutoff was 190.... 24 Oct '13.
    Last year cutoffsXAT percentile CMAT scoreHRM - 72 (XAT) 36 (XAT - SC/ST) 190 (CMAT) 95 (CMAT - SC/ST)FIN 60 (XAT) 20 (XAT SC/ST) 100 (CMAT) 50 (CMAT -SC/ST)MKT - 60 (XAT) 20 (XAT - SC/S 100 (CMAT) 50(CMAT - SC/ST)RM - 40 (XAT) 20 ( XAT-SC/ST) 90(CMAT) 50 (CMAT - SC/ST)IT 40 (XAT) 20 ( XAT-SC/ST)...
    shnk no nc obc reservation? . 22 Oct '13.
    miteshk no der is no obc reservation ...!!. 24 Oct '13.
    wat about cmat cutoff this year for hrm?
    i have 206 score, no work ex.
    miteshk ya u hv a high chance of getting a cal so u cn fill d for.... 22 Oct '13.
    what was the score of the last cnvert through cmat last year in hrm.??? any idea..?
    appidwinner hrm of xiss iss " good" but unlikely for experienced,eng.... 05 Dec '13.
    MANC-LONDON yah dats true.... @appidwinner . 06 Dec '13.
    xiss is also organizing the first national hr conference on 8 and 9th november..!!
    have heard a lot about HRM at XISS, any clue of how's marketing @ XISS ?
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    miteshk @Worah - avg ctc 4.50 lacs..!!. 22 Oct '13.
    Worah thanks for the info, @miteshk , one final question : my.... 22 Oct '13.
    what is the last date of applying to XISS??
    rohan11590 Last Date of Application: 2nd February, 2014 www.xiss.ac..... 15 Oct '13.
    miteshk guys just fill up d form as soon as possible n make d pay.... 16 Oct '13.
    how would you rate XISS when compared to TISS or Nirmala Niketan schoo,of social work (based on MSW programs only)??
    MANC-LONDON xiss always better than tiss(except ma in hrm)...... 12 Oct '13.
    gsneha04 thanks guys! . 15 Oct '13.
    expected cut off for xiss through september cmat 2013?
    nspace Last year it was 190 for HRM and 100 for all others @Gen. 30 Sep '13.
    guys gear up CAT examz ..!! bst of luck to all..!!