I had applied for XIMB PGDM's process using XAT score but didnt get a GD/PI call.But I got the below mail yesterday.
Dear Candidate,
You will be happy to learn that the honourable High Court of Orissa has given us the approval to admit students to our PGDM (HRM) program. You may see the ad...
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hi guys, I am waitlisted for PGDM and have not yet received any mail for HRM. .. I can see lot of you have queries. Will offer my two bits:
See its going to be the same HRM teachers who teach the PGDM core course .Subjects like Organizational behaviour etc will also be taught in both courses and I am sure by the very same teachers.. Course wise and pedagogy should be similar.. Wouldnt have a clue about placements though.. Why dont you guys have a talk with some teacher from XIM.. m sure they will definitely help you out.
Be sure that you want to opt for HRM though because at the end of the day its your career.
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    plz people...some serious advice is required related to pgdm hrm programme of ximb....Is it worth taking admissions into it as its the first batch? Is there any guarantee of proper and good placements for this programme...???
    @ gargivaish
    Nope I m not interested to pursue HRM...!! So I m not at all accepting the offer..!! I hope this might bring a ray of hope for u ppl who wnt to pursue HR..!! I dont know the exact no of calls given to HRM but do know that many of those who are waitlisted for BM program are given...
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    Total 60 seats it seems..
    do we have to give the sectional wise percentiles in the xat score space..or the total percentile!! plz let me knw!
    i have applied it. puttin total percentile..yesterday and havent recvd any confirmation as of now ( my XAT score- 95 percentile)
    same here nd m totally confused, also i hv very limited options so i think i will go for it
    are you joining HRM?
    @everyone,any idea about the no. of seats in this course?i am waitlisted in NMIMS and the session there starts on 20th June.so i think,i'll attend the GDPI.
    @ Chulbulee :
    PPl like me who are in Waitlist (a higher one, so low chance of converting) of XIMB Core program have received confirmed letters from XIMB for HRM program specifying that we will be given confirmed admissions in XIMB HR program if we r interested. So it depends on how many of the...
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    hey,do you have any other calls?
    Fee is around 8Lacs
    Is it worth trying for it?
    I also got the same mail.....not sure what to do.....:(
    Can someone provide details wrt the course and its prospects...
    Even i received the mail. is it worth trying for that program??