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How tough/easy it is to get admission in XIC (Xavier Institute of Communication, Mumbai)? Has anyone here studied in XIC or taken entrance test for XIC? What was the difficulty level of the entrance exam? Please provide tips and advice.
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Please have a look at the the date of post before yours, the thread is 2 years old. Please avoid reviving old dead threads.
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All the best.
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hey can u suggest me wats rhe entrance test pattern of xic? pls ur advise will b of gr8 help..........
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Thanks man...
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Hey bro,
Welcome to PG.You cannot post email ids in this forum.So please edit your post and remove it.
This is a 2 year old thread.
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HI rebel,
did u get the answer for the above question!!!!
If so please give me tip on this...
I am planning to take XIC
if you have info on XIC please suggest me to the following mail id
Your inforamtion is highly valuable to start my career in the right direction...
Looking for...
I recently emailed the XIC site and got a reply saying the entrance is objective/multiple choice......here i read it also has essays
is it more techinical or media knowledge or aptitude based i wonder
thanks a lot krishna, u've been a real help.. wud try & look for the book in local library..
yah friend i've heard a lot abt this insti's reputation.. i hope i get thru the entrance
hi pal
iam not so sure abt the author....but since the book is considered the bible of film making it wouldnt be difficult to find it ...by the way its very costly
tr borrowing it from a library....any way jus brush up ur voc and english...it will help u lot more ....and be familier with t...
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ive studied in St Xavier's Mumbai.. tho not XIC.... i know a firend tho who has done a journalism course at XIC and is working as a journalist at Mumbai Mirror.... i can say that it is very reputed in industry
Thanks a lot Krishna for that valuable piece of info. :)
Any idea who's the author of the book?
hi pal
the entrance at xic is more on basics of film and television ....a book recommende is the 5 c's of cinematography...in preperation for the exam....the paper has got all the creative stuff sections like story writing and essay section the topic being on what subject would u like to make...
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