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hey puys i secured QA: 84.99 VA: 61.12 DM: 76.66 with OA: 80.66
which colleges should i apply for? Are there any chances of getting a call from XLRI-HRM or XIMB?
@ayushnasa -- do you the least percentile who have converted BM ?? I know not the right time to ask such things but still asking to know whether getting between 95-98 percentile really holds any value when in comes to converting XL BM course ...
AjayMurali @ayushnasa Ghar pe bhaitke bore ho raha tha..tats why :) . 26 Dec '13.
seetharam7 @AjayMurali Saar _/\_. 29 Dec '13.
@ayushnasa -- in your signature u are saying XLRI BM 2013-15 and in this post above u have mentioned that u have missed the BM call because of Quants... so is there a provision to change the stream from HRM to BM during the interviews or afterwards ???
ayushnasa And mera QA ka percentile is 80.14 se kam hoke 79.48 ho g.... 08 Dec '13.
ayushbhalotia @ayushnasa --- lucky ho toh apke jaisa !! awesome buddy..... 08 Dec '13.
Hmmm... I know
thought so :P
Y so I hv watched but not the last one Btw I was like a stiffer in college
bdw you a american pie fan :mg:
Hahaha... Never mind dude never mind
tera O hello mast tha waise :mg:
Arey yaar it's ok... Enjoy dude enjoy
Tanx yaar but I was not asking for myself but for my frnd... N do u knw any okaish college in Delhi ncr which accepts xat score
sorry bola to yaar .. ab kya bachche ki jaan lega :P
O hello I was not asking for myself but for my frnd n u can say that in a better way
sorry if it appeared rude.. although was not intended.... anyways agree with the best shot thing ... and ya thanks for correcting the typo
its 'indecent' btw.. and ur reply sounded very rude..
@stiffler010 better give ur best shot next year.. All the best!!
any decent colleges in xat at 66 %ile
is ximj good??
please tel me. i'm planning to apply there
is empi new delhi a good clg?
is the mba-pgdbm course offered by ndim as gd?shd i go for it?
You have a fair chance of getting the call from National Insurance Academy,Pune
Fees 9.68 (including all expenses)
Avg Package 7 lpa