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hi ppl ... check out www.primetutor.com for tips on essays .... and ptindia.com has some material on labour laws for XAT ...dunno if they wud b asked ...
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buddy the seleted essay book has essays which i think are too lengthy for xat.......
Puys I am attaching two files for essays. Hope will help:
pdf file pdf file
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You can go through this link to find essay topics for the past 7 years!
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Can anybody please give me website links to reading material which could help in XAT essays... now that there is not much time left for the exam... just a week!
Can i knw
Wat was da essays given in XAT so far??
can anybody pls give any sources on th net from which we can read up for the essays...
the time this time around for the essay is 20 mins
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Seems like an age old thread has been bumped back to life
Just a word of caution, what exactly XLRI tests by essays, nobody knows. For some of the candidates they do discuss the essays in the interviews (XLRI as well as a few other colleges). For the rest (like me) no mention of the essays du...
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we had a essay in the simxat title:
Resources like oil and gas seriously affect the economy.
am attaching sample essays as given by ims
pdf file
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There are no choice of essays given during XAT exam..... the same essay topic is given
for all the candidates!!:satisfie:
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same here plzzzzzzzzzzreply asapanother query:is there achoice among topics or single/same topic is given 2 everybody??????????
Hi, may i knw where can i get gud essay material from (for XAT) ?
Asked what is the essence of science, French philosopher Auguste Comte replied,
" to know is to predict and to predict is to control"
If youth knew, if age could!
I am great; God may be great as well.
"Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely"
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the post is from 2002 dude..
SIS- The Student Information System of Career Launcher
on this site u may hav some tips regardin xat essay...
yup..me too didnt fined essay on time site..but this for sure that xat entails an essay...even it is clearly written in its admit card too...
merry christmas to all ...:
dude !!! where are the essays on TIME website ?? I tried but didn't find any...
they had essay last year...it was something like "advancement of technology on the cost of nature" I dont remember exactly though
dude but i dont think essays were there last time...they were before that....
so please confirm on that..they used to have essays..
guys please correct me if i m wrong
hey..frns thanks for link but in that i didnt find anythg..cud u explain me clearly where to go?