VGSoM class of 2007 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hey ya all, I am definitely joining VGSoM, The seniors there have told us that they will be sending us an invite toa yahoo goup in May, hell if there is so much time lets get to know each other better,
I'm Maverick, 22, from delhi workin - 13 months
common muh peepz from delhi or arnd, lets...
well, friends i am using this thread as a platform to congratulate all the seniors of VGSOM for the efforts put in by them.. though i wouldnt be joining VGSOM because of other calls, but i was really impressed by the way they managed the whole affair. i was waitlisted for the course and on cleari...
finally i gt the right group. my friends i have created a table in the database, please go and fill it up. kindly start using vgsom2007 group as it is better then pagalguy..
hey frnds i have applied for the membership of yahoo group but the moderator has not accepted it yet. so kindly see to it..
I have also applied for the loan.they asked for a written document frm kgp for the expected fees. i gt it from kgp via fax but make it sure that it is on the letter head of the institute and signature of authorized person shod be there..and do keep atleast 2 photostats of every paper with yrself....
there are ano. of mobile operators..like
Hi Nilay/Aroop,
What are the mobile phone service providers that are available in Kharagpur?
Hi 2005 batch pals,
Have any of u applied for bank loans? has the bank accepted the expense sheet circulated here? what have u done abut the expense schedule?
awaiting ur responses
Hi Nilay Aroop,
I have applied for loan fro SBI, Jamshedpur. These guys r asking for an expense schedule .
Does the file being circulated here in PG have any legal validity? pls confirm. What did guyz in ur batch do? Pls reply at the earliest. I need to prouce the doc by monday (tomorrow)....
Finally friends i met someone from vgsom.well this is dheeraj from new delhi with no work ex (especially when all the members seem to have). i had a rank of 248. My phone no. is 55742636. Guys and Grls plz contact me if u r living nearby. atleast we can meet somewhere yaar.Or u can give me yr ph...
A heartiest welcome to new members of VGSOM!! whenz the last date for depositing the fee for the 2nd list and whenz the final list expected???
Me a bit stretched for time after the promotion! but I'll update the list of the batch(names,ID's,work ex, hobbies,age,and special ski...
Heres a huge welcome to Anubhav and Anurag.
Anubhav, I'm from Delhi Institute of Tech (2003 pass out). You know Tanmay Kumar?
Anurag, remember me?
Carlton, let me know when you want the material. I'm going to be working in SEEPZ from Monday for a couple of weeks, then i'll be in ...
Dear All
Sorry for being such a late riser. My name is Anurag and I will be joining VGSoM. Thanks to the second list out on 6th April.
Here's my brief intro...
B.Tech: ECE, NIT Warangal 2003
Work Exp: Polaris Software Lab Ltd, Gurgaon (Since jun, 2003)
Currently I am working as a ...
Hi ppl... Congrats to all my batchmates!
I'm new to this thread (admission got confirmed on 6th Apr only)... This thread is really going gr8 guns in connecting all of us.
A bit about me:-
Well I'm Anubhav Sharma from Gurgaon.
Age 22.
Passed out from Delhi College of Engg. (BE-Civ...
sharkfin, I already clearified ur query regarding the comp...there is no need to talk to the admin people abt it as they r not involved in it.
The person with whom you had a discussion came to me to get the answer of this :)
u can shoot as many queries as u want to me, chickensoup, sumeet a...
Hi Sharkfin
Yeah,the file is the latest. Aman Paaji has been to Kgp and has had a look at the new hostels.( Single Rooms). For more on his trip check his earlier message on this thread or check the Yahoo Group.
Tushar Jha
Hi Ocean Born!
Well, just wanted to confirm that the file uploaded on the yahoogroup of VGSOM 2007:
by greatonejha is the latest one or not.
Please clarify.
Hello everyone!
Thanks a lot, Nils & Ocean Born for your valuale & timely assistance!
That sure did answer a lot of questions!
Well, i spoke to one Army Officer from VGSOM's Administration Deptt. in the afternoon and asked him the same query i had regarding the Computer Fees. He said tha...
hey guyss...
any idea abt the waitlist of kgp....they don t ell you ur no....
approx how much waiting list must have been cleared as of now??? plss to help...i have been waitlisted
1. u have the complete flexibility in choosing electives. u can have major-minor concept or u can take all subjects from the same field or u can take one from each (general mgmt)...up to u...no restriction from VGSOM end...
2. Carlton (ocean born) has already solved it
3. VGSOM...
Hey Sharkfin,
I can answer a few of your doubts....
If the expense sheet you are talkign about is the same one that is posted somewhere on the first couple of pages of this thread then it is of last year. Those are the approximate costs. (not all are the fees).
THe amount put down for th...