TIME AMM (all maharashtra mock ) CET 10 XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi every one
The brand new season for Time AMM cet is starting from today . Post your experiences here .Cant wait for this !!! Its speed + accuracy is what matters
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mock 01 was okayish, verbal was slightly tough,
attempts-arnd 190
score-150-155, hv 2 improv accuracy
Hey people hw did ul find 2days mock(01)..post in ur scores n attempts....
the solution given is correct as p+ m means m> p and m>=p means (here) that m is not necessarly equal to p. it can be equal to p or greater than equal to p.but we r not sure . so in such type of questions as we r not sure m>=p does not necessarily means m>p. hope it helps.
I have a doubt.
yesterday I solved MT521006. In the paper question no 18. is as follows:
A + B --> B is greater than A
A - B --> B is lesser than A
A * B --> B is lesser than or equal to A
A $ B --> B is greater than or equal to A
A @ B --> B is neither greater than n...
are you guys talking about the recent take home paper? i think it was too weird
moi score dis tme 126 koi to chamatkar ho aur yeh score aage bade!
Even I scored pathetic in that question paper.. just managed to reach 120 including tukkas. Even I was wondering whether it happened with me only or was there some problem with the paper...atleast you are also there with me to think the same
Have you guys solved TIME take home paper 10?????
That was disaster atleast for me......
Got pathetic score.....
Did you guys find few questions wrong???? i want to check if there was some problem with the paper or I performed miserably......
If actual CET is somewhere near take hom...
guys good going. i can see a good competition here. 148 is good score. i got 158 bt i solved it at home. anyway all the best.
Hey guys,
I am a T.I.M.E. malad student. I have joined Live test series . But now i think i need more practice. So any body who is having Take home paper can help me out? i will take the photo copy of the same.
send me a private msg
pratik bacche
Hi Guys,
I am time noida student. Is there anyway i can get mock cet by time or any other institute for that matter?I ma planning to give mh cet so urgently need the mock papers?
Can u guys upload it somewhere it will be gud for candidates like me.
I tried doing the same so that my speed will increase but when the results were out it was a complete mess atleast 20-25 questions i have marked wrong. So this didnt go well in my case. Now like every one i also mark 10 questions at a time
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Score 148
Rank again above 25 (AMR 35)
aditya8984 i am in competition with you on concl,inf and assump.... dont worry...
I found out that one of my friends marks her answers on the question paper and in last 10 minutes mark them all on the OMR... Does that really help? Anyone following ...
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Same old story:
Score: 103
please suggest me something for assumptions, conclusion & inferences...I bet nobody is as pathetic in these sections as I am.... ( 10 % accuracy......)
Ya...I totally agree with what ankur_udct has suggested.
Hi Ankush I can help u by suggesting that buy a bank PO question paper book from anywhere in Delhi and solve those questions..Level of CET is same as that of bank PO only difference is that the questions are given in a random fashion in CET but in bank PO xams it is section wise and i think GK is...
Card Number:PNU0X905
Mock MCET Test No:MT521002
Right: 148
Wrong: 52
Mah Rank : 35
Centre Rank : 1
_Really_ need h3lp in visual reasoning.I nevre get more than 5 of these correct.Can anyone please point to some online material for visual reasoning?
hi i have test funda mh cet courseware. can someone provide me with time mock cets . i can share with him testfunda i mhcets. if interested pm me.
i understand ur prb nids urgent help but Pls remove ur mobile no its against forum rules!
hi amit .i am an oms candidate and have joined quoins test series through correspondance. could you please tell me whats there level as compared to time cets and actual cets.should i look for time cets also.