Target JBIMS.. dream team 2012.. do you have it in you... XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi guys,
This thread is for people targeting JBIMS only!!
Target JBIMS thread on pagalguy earlier helped me to get into JBIMS so its time now to give it back to pg... so starting the thread again...
Lets discuss here 5 main things that will get you into JBIMS:
Starter: Basic Material...
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haha same pinch. I too want to do something. dont know what. Definitively NOT BPO.
learn stocks, work somewhere, have fun , lots of things to do mate
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Hi guys..Since 2months are left for commencement of the session i would like to ask you all what i can do within these 2 months as i am getting really bored and i would like to use this period . SHould i learn french ? or nythng which u guys can suggest ...Please help puys...
certain profiles (very few in number) are offered at IIM A, B, C only... otherwise compared to other IIMs, similar profiles are offered at JBIMS
i hav not yet decided on the specialization yaar , the profiles which are offered at IIM K ,are they also offered at JB ? or is it like certain profiles are offered at IIMs nly ? profiles like IB ,Brand Management etc ? i hav an incilnation towards JB since i stay in mumbai .
p.s: IIM K has 3...
also the fees, 10 lacs vs 2.2 lacs around. The intake is 380 isnt it at iim k?
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Congrats for being in this kind of dilemma dude.
I would not like to say which one is better. But few thoughts which will help you to take your decision.
IIM K oozes out 320+ MBA aspirants every year. This is huge number. The atmosphere is IIM K will be more competitive. (Saying this as I h...
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hello friends , i have converted IIM kozhikode and hav a decent shot at JBIMS , but i am confused which one to prefer among the 2, becoz everyone replies they are equals ....kindly reply as i am very confused !
Unless you get an official mail from the DTE, do not assume that your GDPI schedule would change. If postponed, you may have to cancel your outing in case you want to be eligible for the further process of CET. JBIMS has no role in the process of deciding the CET schedule. The responsibility lies...
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It will not be a problem...
On what marks basis you apply will be relevant while filling CAP rounds application.
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i hav given cat......but in my cet application form....i have unchecked it..because i dnt want to take admission through my cat score(cat score is very less)..is it ok??will it create any problem...........plzz help
By updation on Website u mean in Online Application Form na???
1. it won't be a problem,u must would have updated ur cmat score on d website..
2. its still a mystery..some says rank will be compared(better option)
some says half of score will be taken as cmat wz of 400 nd cet wz of 200(even better)
nd d third,percentile will be compared(seriously...
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There are two queries-
1)While submitting my form for ARC, I edited my Application form and deleted my CAT score and left only CMAT score in the Application Form.(I didnt appeared in MHCET and my CMAT score is better than CAT score).
But I earlier informed DTE that I have appeared for both ...
Bro ask here u might get what ur looking for !!
I know this is thread for people looking to get into JB.. still I have couple of questions regarding SIMSREE.
I hv given GDPI and expecting total score around 159-162 /240 which can be just short of JB's cut off (OPEN OHU has only 9 seats AFAIK) and hence I am thinking about SIMSREE
No bandh can deter DTE schedule, believe me.
If you live close to JBIMS, you can go by a private vehicle. Or you can leave your house well in advance (approximately 2 hours) and walk it out (if you live close). No political body will dare disturb innocent pedestrians walking on the road even i...
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I have GDPI on 31st May at JBIMS. And NDA has declared Bharat Bandh on the same day. So, will GDPI be taken according to scedule? IF postponed I will be screwed since I am going out. and have everything. :
Can students of JBIMS ask in the office and confirm? Please?
I think you're talking about the part time courses, they require I think 2 or 3 years of work experience with a graduation degree.
Dates : Could be one exam in September, and one exam definitely in February( they're gonna be holding it twice a year ) but no one knows whether there will be an ...
Can anyone tell me....how to get admission for the other courses offered by JBIMS...MIM,MHRDM...DTE only gives information on MMS courses.....but how abt the other two....
Thanks in advance.