Target JBIMS.. dream team 2012.. do you have it in you... XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi guys,
This thread is for people targeting JBIMS only!!
Target JBIMS thread on pagalguy earlier helped me to get into JBIMS so its time now to give it back to pg... so starting the thread again...
Lets discuss here 5 main things that will get you into JBIMS:
Starter: Basic Material...
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Hey are the question papers in Disha publication books of last year CET correct and trustworthy??
Only 2 follows
Yup you are right only 2 follows.
I think you are right. Only 2 can follow.
yes acc to me... only 2 follows
yup! evn i thnk 2nd follows!
NEED HELP for foolwing question.
No shoe is glove.
All gloves are caps.
All caps are jackets.
I.No shoe is jacket.
II.All gloves are jackets.
My answer:
only conclusion II follows.
book answer:
both conclusion I and II follows.
someone ...
CET 2011 to CET 2006 actual papers
CET 2011 - http://www.cetking.com/
CET 2010, 2006 - http://www.facebook.com/MockEngineering
CET 2008, 2009, 2007 - http://www.facebook.com/cetkingworkshops
If you are OMS candidate you have 18 seats for which you can apply with either CAT/CMAT/CET.
The cutoff for CET is anywhere from 140+ to 180 ....
seniors, how much sud i score in MH CET to get a call frm JBIMS?????????also is individual cut off considerd?????????? what is d seat intake of JBIMS??????
Hey what are you people averaging in Mocks as of now???
Myself am doing very bad
thanks buddy
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Once you get all your marks (after GDPI results), you will get a rank for your category.
Then you need to fill option form with choices of colleges. According to that a seat will be allotted to you. This is CAP round one.
If still some seats are vacant, two more such rounds are conducted ...
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hi. im an OMS candidate. I want to know what are cut offs mentioned for CAP 1, 2, 3.. im not able to figure out cutoff from dte website from old admission links. also can you put some light on wat does CAP rounds I,II,III mean?
Check out this link: MBA CET Preparation, Strategies and more - Welcome | Facebook
hello to all senior sir
please sir upload or give me a link of mh cet last five years papers with solution .
because i can not found any book like arrihant ,disha in my home town,
so i request u please upload this papers which is really help me in my preparation .
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Anybody writing Testfunda mocks as well as Time mocks...want to corelate marks of both the papers?...
am getting in 120s in test funda without the guess work..how good it is in terms of time mocks??
Types which I have mostly seen are.
1. Series of 5 images, find next one
2. Two related images given, find the one from options which has similar relation
3. Same as above, but find one that does not have same relation
4. Find odd one out
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check this pdf file cet 2011 paper by cetking question no.21 n its ans key.
pdf file
The pdf file that i got containing cetking logo and advertising in that the answer given was 1 for that question and there r plenty of wrong ans key.(no offence)