Target JBIMS.. dream team 2012.. do you have it in you... XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi guys,
This thread is for people targeting JBIMS only!!
Target JBIMS thread on pagalguy earlier helped me to get into JBIMS so its time now to give it back to pg... so starting the thread again...
Lets discuss here 5 main things that will get you into JBIMS:
Starter: Basic Material...
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Hi my score is 112/240..Oms candidate..Kindly tell me which colleges i can get at this scorE?
hello frnds.......i am a open/general candidate....my home university is mumbai...wich merit no shud i consider for mms colleges in mumbai.. the state general merit no or university general merit no???? plz help......
I read somewhere HU rank is 40 of one of the guys at this score.
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Anyone knows people who hold AI rank 4,7,8,9 or 15???
Please inform me in case anyone of you holds these ranks or knows the same.
when final results will be out, can anybody pls tell me the Mumbai HU rank at at score of 167??
Thanks in Advance....!!!!
The DTE site is again up and running. Is the final list out??...someone plz confirm (though the link still shows 'Provisional Merit List')
yes there is indeed .... bro they are trying to put in new data so it will not show you the prov. merit list...
technically - the database has been removed and new database will be open at 5PM today ... Good Day!!!
Guys, is there any problem with the DTE website ??
I am trying to open the provisional merit list since yesterday...
Senior, kindly let me know what all documents need to be produced at the time of admission.... I am currently studying in NMIMS and would like to cancel my admission as early as possible. The day the CAP 1 results are out, I would not like to waste time for gathering all documents for admission @...
Wat is ur rank ??
Good news for all aspirants!
I am OMS rank 13 & PH rank 1
Im pulling out of the JBIMS race cos im gonna join IIFT.
So goodluck! the list moves up by 1.
59 is really tough !!! I think you should go ahead with the rank 2 institute in case you dont want to wait till next year.
Same dilemma for me too. I have state rank 71, university rank 59 - MU as HU. Should i leave all hopes for JBIMS ?
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Wat is ur rank boss ?
But, think it the other way round !!!
You can get JBIMS in CAP II even when people with better ranks than you got only SIMSREE in CAP I.
More risk, more returns !!! Take a wise call..otherwise you will regret when you will see someone below you getting into JBIMS when you have only SIMSREE.
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Is it so tat sum1 targetting JBIMS just fills it in CAP-I....may evn lose SIMSREE bcz of just filling JBIMS???
So it may be risky to lose evn SIMSREE for JB and end up with nothing
Means people beyond 18 Rank in OMS category can lose evn SIMSREE for JB???
Graduation percentage does not matter for JB if you score well in entrance test.
Basic criteria is it should be above 50% for general category....
Category SC
Home University MUMBAI
State General Merit No 1687:splat: University General Merit No 1269 State Category Merit No 52:drinking: University Category Merit No 35Can anybody plz tell me my chances for JB??
hey, im meghna .. im want to do my mba frm JBIMS ..i screwd up my graduation with just 55% (with backlogs ) :banghead:
10th : 83.4 , 12th : 60.4
is der any chance for me? plz reply