Target JBIMS.. dream team 2012.. do you have it in you... XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi guys,
This thread is for people targeting JBIMS only!!
Target JBIMS thread on pagalguy earlier helped me to get into JBIMS so its time now to give it back to pg... so starting the thread again...
Lets discuss here 5 main things that will get you into JBIMS:
Starter: Basic Material...
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H i` mayankleo_1,thnx for ur quick responseBtw i heard tht there Wouldn be MHCET for 2013 admits.. admits through CMAT for 2013 only.. any idea on tht ? and also heard tht we have have some reservation for girls .. some percentage of seats? Any idea on tht? seeing ur profile i fell u are a non - ...
how do v apply for ILS seats in JB?? cant find a link on the website
1. You can get in through CMAT and CAT scores too! 2. yes, you can.. 3. 15% seats for outside MH candidates. 18 seats at JBIMS.
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Hi Raav, Nice to see lots of stuffs from u on pagalguy helping out MBA aspirants and a newbie here. My target is Jbims. I needed help. Had some basic doubts 1> Is MHcet the only way to get through jb??? any other exams? GMAT? 2> I m basically from karnataka. right form schooling to BE studied ...
OMS Stands for Outside Maharashtra Students
what does 'oms' means. sorry i m a newbie as far as mhcet is concerned
hey seniorsIs there any such criteria ki only maharashta students can sit for mhcet and apply to jbims???or peoples from all over India can apply and sit for it?
wat was d cutoff for an OMS candidate for JBIMS in CET 2012
seniors plz reply I want to knw that once i take admission in K J. through GLMS quota..if i get in sydenham then in how many days i will get my orignal documents back?and what amount of fees will be deducted ? plz reply ASAP
Rank 1530 other university cet: 127/240 Getting METmumbai in capI what can i get in capII. i dont want MET:(
SBC - special backward class incudes 7 casts....while obc - other backward class includes 346 casts.
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what is the difference between SBC CATEGORY AND OBC?
first 11 students of ST category mumbai university, can anyone please let me know whether anybody is not taking the admission?
State General Merit No 18962
University General Merit No9339
State Category Merit No1673
University Category Merit No649
Category SC
CET percentile 68
which college shud I fill in cap round
pls help ...really frustrate
Can someone pls post the Provisional seat allotment CAP Round 2 for JB and sydenham for 2011???
Can someone also tell me if AI seats remain vacant in SIMSREE for cap round 2...and yes ,arnd how many...in that case i can take a risk and fill only JB in cap round 1...and desperately hope and pray that i get JB in cap round 2 atleast...
there may be an outside chance.... if u r ready to take a risk... select only JB in CAP I and then if u dont get it select both in CAP II....
if u dont want to take a chance...select both in CAP I.
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Is there anyone from Mumbai Uni. with total CET marks around 158(+-1)/240? (Open Category)
Can I know your HU and State rank please...
Hi..i am an oms candidate with AI Rank 30...is thr even the remotest possibility of me getting JBIMS in cap round 2...if yes,then i will fill only jb as my choice in cap round 1....if no,then i will go for both JBIMS and SIMSREE in cap round 1.
Hi All!
Is there any person here with OMS rank (AI rank) less than 50 and not taking SIMSREE (apart from obvious top 18 . If yes then please reply. One of my friends has to take his decision based on this. Guys your help is needed.
Please tell if someone is there.