Target JBIMS.. dream team 2012.. do you have it in you... XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hi guys,
This thread is for people targeting JBIMS only!!
Target JBIMS thread on pagalguy earlier helped me to get into JBIMS so its time now to give it back to pg... so starting the thread again...
Lets discuss here 5 main things that will get you into JBIMS:
Starter: Basic Material...
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1 - A
2 - C
3 - B
4 - A
5 - C
6 - Both not sufficient
thanks ...
but i would have left such kind of question to lady luck in the exam
10...60...90 (here i am assuming that members dont know:nono: that codes are not starting from 0:biggrin:)
@nileshpethkar - how did u solve the first 1.
which numbers are taken to be confusing ??
Easy but time consuming...
1. E
2. C
3. B
4. A
5. C
6. both not sufficient..
My take :
6)Both statements are not sufficeint to ans
1. A security agency assigns a two digit code with distinct to each of its members using the digits 0,1,2,..,9 such that the first digit of the code is not zero. However the code printed on a badge can potentially create confusion when read upside down. For example the code 18 amy appear as 81. H...
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I have no idea which mocks are the toughest. Till date I have given just TIME,IMS and Testfunda mocks.
TIME difficulty level varies but according to me their paper pattern resembles the actual CET paper.
Testfunda mocks are outright weird. They haev some really strange VR questions.
IMS ...
the thing is if u learn to score around 160-170 in the toughest paper,u can do more in the easier one.
btw u dint answer my original question .. which mocks are toughest
Hey All,
I went through the complete thread this weekend(Target JB). And am bound to be amazed seeing the enthusiasm everyone in here has shown up. Maks me strive for one more hit again! yet again :D
So here am i, starting up with my basics (Brush-up), hopefully will soon catch you all for ...
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every CET paper has 4-5 q directly based on vocab..
can any1 suggest a good interactive book for vocab apart from word power made easy
i have loads of time to kill in the ofc
Dude it's better if we don't predict what will be the difficulty level of this year's paper. If you noticed, the paper last time wasn't tough. It was just offbeat. People who had moulded themselves in a particular pattern were the worst affected. But I agree when you say lets be prepared for the ...
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Puys any idea the mocks of which institutes are toughest ?
I expect DTE to set a tough paper this time like they did last year. So better be prepared for the worst.
1st of all this u r in a wrong thread....this thread is totally for JB aspirant...next time see where u are posting..and to ans ur quries..
1. u can give as many as possible to u (or 20-30)
2. if u weak in one section then best way practice it....how it depends on u.:biggrin:
3.its never...
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Hi. How many mocks can i take before cet ? I am weak in maths please suggest me how to prepare for maths. I have not started my preparations is it late? or should i go for cet now?
Mocks of which coachings please do mention!!
well then, thats even better
There are no marks for graduation in CET
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They will evaluate u out of three marks for grad . So it wont be that much of prob . And u cant do anythng for tat too so
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my grades in engineering hav not been vry good...is it going to be a big problem for admission...JBIMS and elsewhere
From where can oms candidates get the application form for cet and when is it coming???