sydenham batch of 2007 mms & pg XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

hi everyone....startin this thread for all those who got into sydenham(obviously).....i got into sydenham pg....welcome to all my batchmates pg and mms alike...
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Hi Kanchan,
Currently thr is no provision for hostel facilities for female Sydenham students in Telang. But a process is on to reserve some seats for you all. Currently the response is positive but no official order has come. Lets hope by your induction time you will have a favorable response ...
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congrats for making it
sydenham institute of management (2005-07)k
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hi all,
hey add me also yaar.. der aye to kya hua finalyy in SYD MMS in 2nd round....:)
but mil to gaya abhi 1 aur problem.. what ab hostel?? girls plz contact me and tell what ab it?
thr is telang hostel on B ROAD churchgate.. but those people r not allowing syd girls..
now what???...
For category People
7. Caste Certificate 2 copies
8. Caste Validity Certificate 2 copies
9. Non-Creamy Layer Certificate 2 copies
10.MOST IMPORTANT!!! Degree Certificate original and 2 copies (If anybody has not got this then provisional Certificate will do)
11. Elligibility Certif...
Hi All,
Please refer to the below link for a poll conducted for the informal meet.. Kindly give ur response...
Thanx a lot in advance... C ya all soon guys and gals...
hi Himanshu.,,
u got to carry the following:
1. SSC marksheet 2 copies
2. HSC marksheet 2 copies
3. Graduation original marksheet and 2 copies.
4. CET scorecard original and 2 copies.
5. Domicile Certificate (Passport copy or Birth Certificate) 2 copies.
6. Leaving Certifica...
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hey ppl,
got through sydenham pg myself...........plz tell me what documents and how many attested copies of each do i need to submit 2mrw......i m still awaiting my final year results and hence dont have my final semester marksheet.
Hey guys,
I have got Syd-MMS in CAP-2 round.. And I need to pay the fees tomorrow.. Can some1 please confirm the list of documents to be submitted for the admission?.. Thanks a lot in advance..
:oha:sorry my mistake... its 8th and 10th for MMS and 9th and 10th for PG as u say...
Hi Bijal,
If u read it correctly it says tht 8th for MMS, 9th for PG and 10th is common for PG n MMS. Is in tht doc which is attched.
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slight correction Aman,
I m from MMS and we have received a mail from Swapnil Deshmukh which gives the induction schedule for MMS as on 8th, 9th and 10th with 10th being the common for MMS and PG.. Please correct me if I m wrong..
Hi all,
Sorry for the delay in communication. Both PG n mms will have for 3 days. MMS 8,10,11... PG 9,10,11. Although the schedule for 11th is not confirmed yet and will be informed to u shortly. Please keep checking orkut comm as well
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hey dude...9th august is confirmed...its put up on the orkut community....that community is a helluva lot more active than this thread...so u wuld get the complete lowdown...
Can any senior throw light on that? Are they listening?
hey dude...welcome to the club...i was also completely clueless...came to know like a half hour ago that inductions on 9th....in our case the light at the end of the tunnel is the incoming train...i dont know if that makes much sense....but wanted to use that phrase somewhere....
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hey where have u been... the induction for MMS is from 8th and for PG from 9th... It begins at 11 for MMS. No idea about PG..
Hey Frnds,
It is confirmed that Induction will be on 9th and 10th ? ??: If yes, at what time?
When college is going to open?
PGDBM 2007-09
well, for PG i think its tw days 9th and 10th coz the one on 10th is common for PG and MMS..
well wat abt the pg ppl...how long is our induction???i have just learnt that its on 9th aug...thank god for that....