Srcc gbo 2012-14 notification released XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

with no one taking the lead to provide info about the mba(gbo) by the college known as the mecca of commerce, i thought it would be wise if i myself take the initiative and start inviting the aspirants who want to get into srcc. I request the men on duty at srcc to take the charge and provide inf...
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sir would you like to throw some lights on placements....i think the placement season had been over till now
hi nikhil!!
can you throw some light over the profiles of the selected candidates, their educational backgrounds and respective streams? are there any students from health sciences as well?:cheers:
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is it worth doing gbo......
cant find my admit card.. what to do
Use thew following thread for the results discussion:
Some say good placement.. some say not so good.. who to believe..
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I doubt it had that good placement..one of may frnd more that average in study struggled to get job..If u get campus placement its fine..otherwise very tough to get job outside on GBO degree..dont guess it on the basis bachelor degree..get the information from official source or some1 known to u....
When are the results of the written test coming ????
This is disgusting,perhaps it's time to go to the news channels with this sort of cheating and malpractice and the sheer ignorance by the authorities on being confronted. I tried to reach out to SRCC last year but they just threw out my request to even look into the matter. If this was a lesser c...
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Why is everyone so obsessed with the Answer key? Guys! This was a test to measure your speed, the test was not at all difficult.. I bet a class 10 kid would be able to finish in 3 hours (We even have the internet on our side now) .. Why not do this yourself? Why wait for some Institute to release...
i am not able to download the answer key
can u plz pm it to me?
CL's Answer sheet has few mistakes in it..:shock: (Hint: First 10 LA ans?!)
Expected in first week of march.
when is the result being declared
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Please find the keys at the last post on the following link :
@moderator/creator of the thread ...
i have the cl answer key with questions but its size is 3.04 mb and it gives an upload error every time i try to attach and upload it on this thread ...
hence , i have uploaded the only answer key of series d , but , it would help people with other serie...
try pressing right click and save as , or try the other thread on score analysis on gbo , people there have downloaded and checked their results ...