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SNAPSHOT by SCMHRD is back...!!
For all SNAP aspirants, SCMHRD brings to you a set 5 SNAP Mock tests to help you in your preparation for SNAP 2011...
SNAPSHOT now live at http://www.snapshot.scmhrd.edu/home.aspx
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hi , where can i find the answer key for scmhrd mocks ? Mock 1 and 2
hi , where can we find the answer key for the scmhrd mocks. Mock 1 and Mock 2?
what are you puys getting in Gk00, GK01 and GK02?
I got -GK01-8/30 , GK02-13/30...
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You will find bus from Swargate, catch sinhagad bus n then u may hire rickshaw or walk (little far though kind of climbing hill)....It was my centre for jmet last yr... gud luck...
hey hi! my centre is the same one!
it's not near to dhankawadi . I suggest you to use google map.
do not put sinhgad management institute, instead put Kashibai nawle college of engineering. u will get the right path.
well as far as i guess..it could be the one towards katraj after u cross bharati vidyapeeth....i ean the satara road...
PS: though thats not my centre...:)
unfortunately there is no way to correct it :(. you will be awarded a zero if you encircle more than 1 circle.
Actually i do not know about these places Sinhgad raod, vadgaon BK, and how to go from pimple saudagar
Just gave ISNAP03 got 109.5
need to improve my performance tomorrow
Hi Jyoti
It the main campus which is near to vadgaon BK.Its on the Sinhgad Road.Its not near to Dhankawadi.Just Reach the Sinhgad road and ask anyone abt the sinhgad institutes.they will guide abt the college.There are many colleges inside the campus.After reaching the campus,just ask for SIM.
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Hi ,
Anybody in pune having test centr as :
Sinhgad Institute of Management I (Vadgaon),
Sinhgad Technical Education Society,
S.R. No. 44/1,Vadgaon BK, Off Sinhgad Road,
Pune - 411041
Sinhgad has many Campus:banghead:, Pls guide me if anybody know it correctly
Is it near...
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See after you log in to the site click on the date of the exam when it was uploaded , it is on the left hand side of the screen . Then there will be a pop window which will show the no. of marks secured by you in the mocks . click on the Reports , it is on the right hand side of the screen . Anot...
hi guys.
if i mark more than one option accidentally? what would happen? also if i marked a wrong answer, there is no way to correct it right ?
iSNAP00 68.25
iSNAP01 74.25
iSNAP02 89.5
iSNAP03 104.5
Jst hope ds streak continues till 18th B-)
hey Bro...i wanna see the cutof of 01 02 03 04 snapshots....can u plz met me know...since i had not been able to take the test in those particular weeks whn thy were uploaded...thaks in advance...all the bst
but i cannot see the cuttoff and rank in tht..
there is a generate reports option , click it
though i am not a senior but an aspirant like you, i would like to say that if you can manage a decent score atleast 100+ , and you think that you can do ok-ok in GD PI , apply for the college . Whats the harm in applying if money is not an issue ?
seniorssssssssss plzz replyyyy
Can anyone tel me how to see the rank and the cuttoff....i hav gin the 00 snap...Plz help
the ans is INK..