SNAP 2013 Queries & Discussions (OFFICIAL) XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hello Puys,Request everyone who are giving SNAP 2012 to use this thread to to post your registration queries & discussions here.Registration Commences on: 5th September, 2013(Thursday)Registration Closes on: November 22, 2013 (Friday) Payment Closes on: November 26, 2013 (...
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rameshrox123 What is the cut off for scmhrd.my score is 94.99 and I go.... 19 Jan.
Bhodan Hello puys,I have received calls from SCMHRD (Infra Man),.... 25 Jan.
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With all Coaching institutes declaring expected cut offs...its hard to tell which one could be accurate....
But this is another expected cut off list by cet king....... people with less than 30 out of 50 may have a chance at SIBM/SCMHRD...
guys one of my frnds has scored 76.5 in snap out of 180, and his ap is 3 ! wat percentile can he expect ???
krux @anandmadhav @antifup thanks!! got it. :) . 23 Dec '13.
vis1221 hw do u calc dis score ??? :O . 29 Dec '13.
The website says that the SNAP results are going to be declared on the 9th midnight. Is it 12 a.m 8th Jan or 12 a.m on the 9th?
ananyboss With previous records SNAP will declare result on 12:00 .... 23 Dec '13.
theashishmishra Bhai result aa jaega tension na le :) . 24 Dec '13.
Can by any means , i can review my snap application , i wanna c if i had given the right credentials or not , can any1 help....i will be gr8ful!!!
Meanwhile i m getn 35.40 as per cl , is der a realistc chance for a call from sibm -p?
pakshaal ya even i tried. its not sitemap also. but on 14 december.... 23 Dec '13.
theashishmishra @pakshaal There is no GD. Only PI and WAT . 24 Dec '13.
Whether the registration dates of some of the institutes are extended? I can see on snap websites , it's till 9th Jan. As I have already registered and made payment, can I now add one more institute in my list? Plz reply.
tanyasinghania plz tell me also..same doubt!. 25 Dec '13.
1abc yes Tanya. You can register. I registered yesterday. . 26 Dec '13.
Which mock series is better for CMAT?
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getting 30.13 using Cl's snap calculator...Any chances for SCMHRD or SIBM
arsharora is der increase to ur score recently??. 22 Dec '13.
Nikhil2710 @arsharora Why is there an increase? My score increased.... 23 Dec '13.
ye siom kaisa coll. h??in term of placements...& howz operation mngmt as a career???and simc me civillians apply kr skte h?
wisely_chosen SIMC is open to all. It's SIMS that has a defense quota a.... 22 Dec '13.
namratakumar If you want to be a part of core industry and explore all.... 24 Dec '13.
Hi my academic profile is as follows :10th - 92.8 , 12th - 79.2 and grad - 70.9
AP is 11/15 ...so will it scale down to 7.33/10 ?
ricky05 if it is 11/15 the it will scale down to 7.33. 22 Dec '13.
cgsalwan its correct. 22 Dec '13.
guys wen will cl declare snap percentiles ?????????? 1 week is over !
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wisely_chosen Bhai @arsharora CL k cutoff pe dhyan mat do..it's way t.... 23 Dec '13.
arsharora thanks for the wise suggesttion @wisely_chosen :) . 23 Dec '13.
hi can anybody help me apply for siom.wen i sign in with my snap id and password it is showing the programs i have applied for.im not ale to apply for any other college.pls help!:(:(
Anand_Loga Click the Register button, Under it click the program det.... 22 Dec '13.
Grk9 in the side tab,there will be options like-> my form,l.... 22 Dec '13.
hi..can anyone tell me how is the academic score calculated for snap?
Grk9 AP = (A*1) + (B*1.5) + (C*2.5) Where A = Score assigned t.... 22 Dec '13.
Firestar N how to scale it down to 10??. 22 Dec '13.
dont you guys think cutoff given by CL is little high? i have 34/50 and a raw score of 117 , it should be enough for sibm p but as per CL i am barely clearing the cutoff. dont u guys think Cutoff will be 32.5 - 33? because as per all institutes 105 is d cutoff in snaptest and 8.33/10 is d avg sco...
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arsharora 33.7 se 32. 23 Dec '13.
wisely_chosen @arsharora Bro check that it is your ID that is being d.... 23 Dec '13.
got 32.2/ 96.6%ile as per CL. Applied for sibm-p alone.
Any idea what is the cut off for sibm-p last year.

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    though i may sound naive, but as this year the craze for mba has decreased (evident from less number of registrations for CAT) and the very high cost of application for SNAP (Rs. 5000), wouldn't it be a little easier to make the cut this year compared to last year? I mean the intensity of compete...
    wisely_chosen @Debanjan123 Hahaha! I try man, I try :D . 22 Dec '13.
    kaushik.ankit07 Disagree !! As Percentile is in a way dependent on the nu.... 22 Dec '13.
    29.3/50.Any chance of scmhrd call?
    harshcat91 When are results getting declared.. 24 Dec '13.
    somapurshiva @harshcat91 Results will be declared on 9th January.. 24 Dec '13.
    CL cut offs !! That high, seriously ?? Is a 30.77 safe for SCMHRD??
    Ruler.Rays :| . 21 Dec '13.
    amritaonl9 31.01 :( . 21 Dec '13.
    where to check the results?? any link plzz ...help!
    jaffa ohh my bad !! ok ok ! . 21 Dec '13.
    kaushik.ankit07 result on 09/01/2014.... 22 Dec '13.
    Hi, could some one mention the logic CL has used to derive at the acad score out of 10? Thanks in advance.
    Ruler.Rays check this link.. u will get an idea.. www.snaptest.org/a.... 21 Dec '13.
    CL CUT-OFFS SNAP The cutoffs are pretty accurate when you consider the Acads score to 10/10.. (-10 that particular predicted cutoff and multiply it by 4.5 you will get the usual cutoffs)By usual cutoffs i mean the standard cutoffs of these institutes.. CL - Its not a rocket science to analyze..
    ayussh2789 dude....so u saying the avg ap will be 10...rofl. 21 Dec '13.
    Thor123 What i am saying is, they have considered AP as 10/10 :) . 23 Dec '13.