SNAP 2013 Queries & Discussions (OFFICIAL) XAT, SNAP, IIFT & Others

Hello Puys,Request everyone who are giving SNAP 2012 to use this thread to to post your registration queries & discussions here.Registration Commences on: 5th September, 2013(Thursday)Registration Closes on: November 22, 2013 (Friday) Payment Closes on: November 26, 2013 (...
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rameshrox123 What is the cut off for scmhrd.my score is 94.99 and I go.... 19 Jan.
Bhodan Hello puys,I have received calls from SCMHRD (Infra Man),.... 25 Jan.
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i hope cutoffs are not so high
abhishek.2011 @crazyavi even i feel cutoff is too high , lets suppose.... 22 Dec '13.
MANC-LONDON most bakwass predictor..... its a trend fr cl to predict .... 25 Dec '13.
snap percentiles and cutoffs as per CL declared...Check it out here...
ballerina26 thank u. 21 Dec '13.
kavya29 It is mentioned about each specialisation with a differen.... 21 Dec '13.
ye siom kaisa coll. h??in term of placements...& howz operation mngmt as a career???
and simc me civillians apply kr skte h?
Is there anyone who has tried to contact SIU regarding this new API thing ??
Honu U're right, we should have. But better late than never. B.... 21 Dec '13.
sreekantkkurup by all means, go ahead :D . 21 Dec '13.
My SNAP Score 31.3/50 acc. to CL score predictor.Any chance in SIBM-Pune or SCMHRD?
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    Hi All,
    Yesterday I personally sent an email to CL team from my SIS Account and they replied with the following cutoffs.. Moreover they informed that they will publish the cutoff by today afternoon.
    SIBM -PUNE - 33.75
    SCMHRD MBA - 32.15
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    Ruler.Rays @taru2013 ok.. CL can predict anything.. we have to wait.... 21 Dec '13.
    taru2013 @Ruler.Rays yup umeed pe duniya kaayem hai ATB . 21 Dec '13.
    28.6 as per cl. Any chance for Scmhrd ?
    one of my friends falls under Kashmir migrant Quota..He is getting around 30 out of 50...What do u think are the prospects of him getting in SIBMP or SCMHRD?Would like some people to comment on this....Waiting for your inputs...
    tarunn2003 He will get the call. The cutoff for KM should be around .... 21 Dec '13.
    kaushik.ankit07 for kashmir quota 30/50 should be more than enough.. 21 Dec '13.
    hey can anyone tell me please how much minimum workex should one have to have a good chance of getting into a premier b-school like sibm,schmrd,xlri.. i am a fresher so quite curious about such questions.. please respond .. thanks in advance
    30.93 as per CL key. Any chance for SIBM-Pune?
    Pracchit how did you check this?. 21 Dec '13.
    vis1221 @Pracchit You can go to CL Exam corner and login with .... 21 Dec '13.
    CL changed something to their marking scheme and my score went from 34.xx to 32.5 :| could any one comment if this score is possible for sibm-p and scmhrd calls? thanks in advance.
    gr8achu Mine also reduce from 33 to 31.xx. I think you have good .... 20 Dec '13.
    when will cl declare percentile?? any idea
    Dazed-Confused @wisely_chosen CAT 2013 ka result abhi aaya kahaan hai .... 21 Dec '13.
    wisely_chosen @Dazed-Confused Sorry bro I read that as CAT 2012.. 21 Dec '13.
    Hey i wanted to know if different specialisations in different institites in siu will hav diffrnt cut offs?..if yes how is it going to shortlist ppl?..if no then how do v get to choose specialisations?.any inputs vl b of great help!!:)
    pfft we can only speculate,ryt?! But,ideally,it's usually a po.... 21 Dec '13.
    kavya29 Okie thanks much :) . 21 Dec '13.
    6,7,8 plan set- 2nd q -repost
    2nd q (as i remember) is in which sector(elec, comm etc) is the public sector share highest for the 8th plan.
    Now 8th plan is divided into public and private sectors.
    So acc to the question share of public sector is the highest for COMM because 25000/(25000...
    ayushbhalotia @dayumm -- I still think the question was which sector h.... 20 Dec '13.
    dayumm Dont know man. I remember it this way. Anyway,lost marks .... 21 Dec '13.
    scoring 26.Chances for SCMHRD,SIBM Bangalore SIIB and SITM??
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    pprats @sreekantkkurup : I second you. :) . 20 Dec '13.
    surajpydipalli Do not believe in these expected cutoffs, I have faced sh.... 21 Dec '13.
    Can anyone confirm the answers of the DI set , Communication , Electricty etc waala question?
    CL guys changed their answer and now i am in a predicament, i want to know how did they arrive to the answer Communication for Public sector share waala question.
    dayumm 2nd q (as i remember) is in which sector(elec, comm etc) .... 20 Dec '13.
    Bhaskar17 @dayumm : ur right....its communication 25k/26k= 96 97 %.... 20 Dec '13.
    CL says the following about my SNAP attempt:
    SNAP Test Score out of 179 -- 114.75SNAP Test Score out of 179 scaled down to 40 (A) -- 25.6**Academic Profile (AP) Score out of 15 scaled down to 10 (B) -- 8.33Total Score (A+B) -- 33.93
    Any chances of converting SIBM-Pune??
    anks1990 abbe ab kya bache ki jaan lega?? @Bhaskar17 . 20 Dec '13.
    Bhaskar17 @anks1990 : bhai kisi ki jaan nahi leni...but i surely f.... 20 Dec '13.
    In the gnp nnp ques..what was the answer ??? 89=90 or 90-91 ???
    tarunn2003 89-90. 20 Dec '13.
    has anybody called to symbiosis and informed them about this crap marking system
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    Honu I did. And so did many others who have studied in State B.... 21 Dec '13.
    abhisoni123 what they said. 22 Dec '13.
    scale down score from cl(19+10)
    any chance of scmhrd, sibm-b??