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Hello Puys,Request everyone who are giving SNAP 2012 to use this thread to to post your registration queries & discussions here.Registration Commences on: 5th September, 2013(Thursday)Registration Closes on: November 22, 2013 (Friday) Payment Closes on: November 26, 2013 (...
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rameshrox123 What is the cut off for scmhrd.my score is 94.99 and I go.... 19 Jan.
Bhodan Hello puys,I have received calls from SCMHRD (Infra Man),.... 25 Jan.
B I U Post
Does SIBM or SCMHRD offer MBA in IT?
What about general MBA? Is it necessary to choose one of the 4 specializations?
erchetan @prodigy2050 : If you are looking for pure IT based MBA.... 25 Nov '13.
Is it necessary to pay extra for applying to Symbiosis colleges before the exam?
and when is the last date to apply for SIBM ?
erchetan @SumiTrwt Yes, It is required to pay for colleges befo.... 25 Nov '13.
is there sectional cutoff in snap?
SIBMPuneAdmissions No sectional cut-off.. 24 Nov '13.
somu26388 what if some one score a zero or negative mark in a parti.... 24 Nov '13.

Past SNAP papers and Mock tests for SNAP anyone ?

Apart from SCMHRD's SNAPSHOT, i mean. Please share it here.

Thanks !

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    Coffee with SIBM is back! Conducted in over 22 cities, this is an event aimed to assist aspirants in their preparation for SNAP 2013 to the fullest by providing mock papers, GK and other helpful material. Coffee with SIBM sessions will help dispel all your inhibitions and gain valuable informatio...
    Hey Puyz, SNAP 2010 question--> A drawer contains 10Black and 10Brown socks which are all mixed up. What is the fewest number of socks you can take from the drawer without looking and be sure of getting a pair of the same color?a. 7pairsb. 7piecesc. 10piecesd. 3 pieces
    Ans- D.
    Can some1...
    gauravshah222 ohhh yes. extremely stupid of me. i wonder how i didn get.... 25 Nov '13.
    rohan11590 No worries.. :) . 25 Nov '13.
    Hi guys can any one tel me the pattern for snap test?what are the diff sections and no of ques in each sec?what is the duration and is there any negative marking?
    SIBMPuneAdmissions @atulanand General English - 40 Q, 40 marks; Quant - 40Q.... 24 Nov '13.
    i hv paid 2k for snap registration ???but not registrd colleges..i hope its fine...as last date ws 22nd....i cn still register for colleges ??rite??
    SIBMPuneAdmissions @hemante The last date to register for colleges: 14th De.... 24 Nov '13.
    hemante @SIBMPuneAdmissions okay..thanks....one more thing, whic.... 25 Nov '13.
    I registered fr snap n paid already, but i nwant to change my test city. pls help me, is der any possibility? pls reply
    erchetan @pshashi1991 : I am not sure if that's possible. It's ha.... 25 Nov '13.
    As per mbauniverse.com post there wwillbe 60 questions in the reasoning section this year...please someone confirm..!!!
    erchetan @agarwalla21 : Always follow SNAP Website/Authenticate .... 25 Nov '13.
    agarwalla21 @erchetan my dear friend, even the website mentioned by y.... 25 Nov '13.
    Someone please reply on this
    My Graduation (academic profile) percentage is between 60 - 69.99 % say 65%
    and MY CPI (CGPA) - is 7.19
    Both the above marks are awarded by the University.
    According to the official conversation by symbiosis the percentage score = 10 * CPI
    So my que...
    arsharora go to my form tab in left hand side and edit!!!!. 23 Nov '13.
    ananyboss @arpit86 snap ke website pe login karo......... 23 Nov '13.
    Can anyone post the mock test paper which was organized by SIIB, few days back!!
    arsharora guys, this qua;ifying degree percentage is the pass perc.... 23 Nov '13.
    guys does cause and effect question comes in snap?
    Finally took a call, filled up for snap , and seriously speaking 2000 for admission test should at least include SIBM Pune , 1500 for one college is like ..................
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    ssw @Varun_11 Seems the case. Website says 26th. But the mai.... 22 Nov '13.
    catnlyiimb yeah even i thought today is the last day, if it was 26th.... 22 Nov '13.
    i dont know my marks obtained and total marks for my B.tech degree, because I have CGPA system
    pakshaal what to do?. 22 Nov '13.
    namratakumar snaptest.org/Application_Procedure.aspx...For conversion .... 22 Nov '13.
    i have done diploma + degree am i eligible for sibm scmhrd
    SIBMPuneAdmissions @Majid86 Yes you are eligible for SIBM Pune. Please go a.... 24 Nov '13.
    Guys, I have registered for SNAP and paid the fees......so is this ok for giving the exam at least..? I will fill for the programs at individial colleges in December...
    namratakumar yes..fill the form for colleges befor 9th Jan :) . 22 Nov '13.
    i have just made payment for the snap exam and the status of application is still unpaid. being the last day for registration i m worried abt whether the application would be accepted or not. i have received a confirmation message that the amount has been paid from my account. could someone help ...
    Nicks5140 logout and again login n check...:) n chill u can pay d f.... 22 Nov '13.
    mugi thanks a lot. 23 Nov '13.
    SNAP help id isn't worthy for students. I drop a mail on 13th nov. regarding total marks in 10th and 12th for extra subjects which I have to include or not for %age calculation and no reply came from them. They make the whole reg. process a mess, no clear guidelines and no help from them. They sh...
    namratakumar Don't worry.. the marks which have been used to calculate.... 22 Nov '13.
    @SIBMPuneAdmissions when is the last date for payment? In the website its given as 26th Nov but I got a mail which says its 22nd Nov. I have completed my online registration though and have a snap id.
    SIBMPuneAdmissions SNAP test payment closes 26th November. www.snaptest.org/.... 22 Nov '13.
    Majid86 sir i have done diploma + degree am i eligible for sibm. 22 Nov '13.